It’s a sad little world…

when people have to hide who they are. How many times in a day is this scene played out because we lack the courage to accept the differences in others?

     ‘They left Calvin and Terell in the cafeteria and walked together to Gary’s next class, a chemistry lab. Rickey’s next period was English, and the teacher liked him because he read an unassigned book every now and then, so he could afford to be a couple of minutes late. They stood outside the door of the chem lab staring at each other. Kids milled around them, slamming lockers, shouting, cutting loose in their few remaining  minutes of lunchtime freedom. Boyfriends and girlfriends walked through the hall intertwined, kissed each other goodbye before entering their classes. Rickey wanted to kiss Gary. He leaned against the wall and put his hands behind his back.

     “You OK?” said Gary.

     “I guess. I mean…you know.” Rickey found himself thinking about something Gary had said over the weekend:

     Maybe we should just move out…quit school and get jobs in a restaurant or something… He knew they weren’t actually going to do it, but a spot just below his heart ached a little as he tried to imagine living a life with Gary where they could go home together, wake up in the morning together, and not have to pretend about anything.

     “Yeah,” said Gary. “I know.”

                                             ‘The Value of X’ -Brite


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Author of paranormal/suspense, fantasy/adventure, m/m romance and anything else that comes to mind. Oh, and a floral designer.
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3 Responses to It’s a sad little world…

  1. There is hope. My generation is so much more understanding and accepting of differences than the last. We may be looked down upon because we’ve lost our values and our modesty and are more lazy… but then again, we’re more peaceful, loving, and are open minded to differences in lifestyle and religion. Not so bad.

  2. This is really such a nice blog.

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