Boys Will be Boys

I was reading a friend’s story the other day where she described a scene on the playground of one child excluding another little boy from play; teasing and calling names, embarrassing him in front of the other kids. One reader’s reply to this scene: Boys will be boys.

Really? Was that their answer to straight forward bullying?

When my children were young we went to a friend’s house for a BBQ. They had the sweetest little boy! Gentle and kind-hearted. An older boy picked on him all evening, hitting and taking his toys. When I pointed it out, both sets of parents said that Kyle needed to be ‘toughened’ up so he wouldn’t be picked on at school. Nothing was said to the older boy about compassion and caring and defending a weaker person.

And what about Kyle? How did it feel when the ones he depended on to protect and love him did nothing? And that was only one evening. How many years of torment did he endure before someone stood up for him, if ever?

I’m sorry. I don’t understand the phrase ‘boys will be boys’ at all. That excuse is used too often to dismiss bullying and we can’t allow it to happen anymore. Our children deserve a better life than this.


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One Response to Boys Will be Boys

  1. Here, here! We need to teach our children how to defend themselves in school? Uh, we wouldn’t need to if every child was nice! How do we do our best as parents in order to have nice children, who will then be friends with other nice children?–we teach our children kindness and compassion. Sure, I was picked on in school, but I KNEW I deserved better because you and Dad taught Tim and me that we are good people. To this day, I stick up for those getting picked on, and yes, I am made fun of for it too (this was in high school), but it’s worth it to me! If more people felt that it was worth it, there would be a lot less people alone.

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