A Mother’s Prayer

             A little boy ran through the store the other day, maybe 4 years old, blond-headed, sweet smile. He was there with his older brother, who seemed about 10, too cool to play in the toy section with him. I didn’t pay them much attention. They were being good, after all! Playing quietly and being respectful of the other shoppers. My kind of kids.

            It wasn’t until they were leaving that I took notice. I work as a florist, and my flowers are right in the center of the store. Everyone passes through at one time or another. The boys were leaving, the younger one chasing after his sibling, waving a toy.

            ‘Jim,’ he says with a tiny lisp, ‘Look what I found. Stop. See what I have.’

            I don’t know if his brother stopped to look or not. For some inexplicable reason my heart suddenly swelled with compassion and apprehension for this little boy. How many times would he call out for someone to notice him, and be ignored? How many days would he be lonely, before he found those close, dear friends? Would his childhood be happy? Would a bully choose him to pick on? Would an adult abuse his trust?

            Dear God, my heart ached with hope for this boy and all the children just starting life in this wonderfully beautiful world. I want them to be safe and happy and keep them from the tiny stabs of cruelty people do to each other every day. Please God.


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Author of paranormal/suspense, fantasy/adventure, m/m romance and anything else that comes to mind. Oh, and a floral designer.
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5 Responses to A Mother’s Prayer

  1. Take my advice, you can’t single-handedly save every child from their family. You have to mold your own, and influence others through example. Tim and I grew up best friends. We played well together: going to eat lunch with dad at work and then shopping, or getting muddy in the sand box. We had sleepovers in my waterbed, went on hikes in the forest, and played countless hours of Rollercoaster Tycoon. Now he drives me around, and when I ask try to plan the most convenient pick-up spot, he tells me not to worry because he’ll pick me up from anywhere. I’ll be at his high school graduation because he is the best person I know.

    This is because of you and dad, and it will be handled off to Tim and I, and then to our children.

  2. DD Symms says:

    I’m intimately familiar — and have worked in via a non-profit–with LA County’s DCFS. I have many personal stories to recount of my own family, too, and was just up from late night until early this morning dealing with our older kid issues — each one of ours had been traumatized before coming to us — I’ll leave it with that word. Glad to know you prayed. Wonderful.

  3. dianne hartsock says:

    DD Symms, Thank you for the wonderful, much needed work you do. I think it would break my heart.

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