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Posted by Erin Bowman at 7:37 PM, September 6, 2011

Just a week and a half ago, Hurricane Irene worked her way up the east coast, leaving devastation in her wake. Millions were left without power to face flooding, damaged roads, and destroyed homes. From the Carolinas, up through New York, and even into Vermont, this storm has crippled communities.

In the past, the writing community has worked together to raise funds for a variety of causes. Knowing how gracious and giving this community is, we are hoping that we can once again rally together and raise money for the areas affected by one of the worst hurricanes the east coast has seen in decades.

Starting Monday, we will be hosting an auction featuring a variety of fabulous industry-related items (books, arcs, critiques, etc). We hope you come back and bid on some of them!

In the meantime, please help us spread the word! Tweet about Read for Relief and follow us on Twitter. Stick one of our glorious badges in your blog’s sidebar. Maybe you even have a book or critique or something similar to donate to the auction. If so, please read more about how to Give an Auction Item and then fill out our donation form.

Read for Relief:


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