A Sad Day

The saddest thing happened at work today.

We like to burn candles in the store. They add to our warm, inviting atmosphere. Even in the bathroom. Today, a woman came up to me in the floral department looking extremely worried. She was probably in her 70’s. She told me that something had broken in the bathroom. Her voice was all trembly and strained. She said there was water all over the floor.

Now, besides candles, I try to keep fresh flowers in the bathroom. I asked her if they had spilled. She didn’t know. She kept wringing her hands. I asked if she had been hurt. No. She’d heard a sound like something breaking, then water  had spilled on the floor.

I told her I’d take care of it. Just as long as she hadn’t been hurt. Sure enough, when I looked, water was all over the floor and also on the countertop. The flowers hadn’t been knocked over. We keep three floating candles in a shallow dish in there. My guess is that she had picked up the candles to look at them, and spilled the water.

Nothing was broken or out of place. Just the water had been spilled out of the dish. Again I told the woman not to worry about it and got out the mop. I told her a silly joke and she left with a smile, but the incident is still in my mind.

What had happened to this woman in her life that she couldn’t admit to me that she had spilled the water? Did she think I’d be angry and yell at her?  What was she afraid of? Is there someone at home who treats her badly when she makes a mistake?

Heartbreaking thoughts. Let’s be kind to one another, okay?


About diannehartsock

Author of paranormal/suspense, fantasy/adventure, m/m romance and anything else that comes to mind. Oh, and a floral designer.
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3 Responses to A Sad Day

  1. I totally agree! Such a sad tale, and you may have just seen through something that lady has been trying to hide for most of her life. I hope she is okay.


  2. Kai Strand says:

    Awww, that is heartbreaking. I hope that your calm, easy mannerism helped to ease her distress. If anyone could, Dianne, it would be you.

  3. I agree everyone should be kind to one another, you never ever know what a person is going threw.

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