Gary Peterson and The Kidnapping of Olivia Hammond

Good morning! I’m super excited to introduce Solstice’s multi-published author Gary Peterson and his suspense novel The Kidnapping of Olivia Hammond.  Intriguing story! If I was ever in danger of any kind, I’d want Olivia’s brother Henry on my side.

What a great brother. When his sister Olivia, a newly licensed realtor, goes missing from an ‘open house’, Henry goes straight to the police, looking for answers. Finding that the police are unwilling to help until Olivia had been missing for over 72 hours, Henry goes looking for answers of his own, starting a search that leads to corruption and murder at the risk of his own life. He’s a hero after my own heart and you’ll be cheering for him at the end.  

Gary Peterson 

Currently I live near the small community ofYakima,Washingtonwith my wife and dog. I have a B. A. Degree in Business Administration and a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology. I acquired much of my knowledge about court procedures while working as a child protective services worker for many years. My hobbies include hiking, bowling, and reading a good mystery novel.

 My wife and I were both realtors in the past and thought it would be fun if I wrote a book about an Open House that goes awry. While writing the story I became acutely aware that what happens to my heroine, Olivia Hammond, could take place at any time in any community. Although being a realtor is a rewarding profession, there are a lot of risks associated with listing and showing property in remote locations. 

Where can you find Gary?

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With Blood trickling down her face and chained to a basement wall, Olivia Hammond tries to figure out why she was kidnapped. It couldn’t be for ransom because she has no money or rich family. Revenge is not a motive either because she is at peace with everyone and always tried to be a good neighbor. Her only hope is that her brother will discover the truth, but with no food or water, will he find her in time?


Olivia Hammond had no idea how long she had been unconscious, but every muscle in her body ached from laying on a cold, hard surface. Trying to gain some relief she rolled over on her back. Being blindfolded she could not see where she was being held prisoner. She had a pulsating headache and felt somewhat disoriented. Her hands were tightly bound behind her, but she managed to use them to brace herself in an upright position.

She started shaking uncontrollably and thought her body might be reacting to the fear mounting within her. Needing to get off the floor she maneuvered herself into a kneeling position and then stood up. Her weakened legs almost couldn’t carry her tiny frame. She stood still for a few minutes before trying to move. Slowly she felt the pins and needles leave and strength returned to her legs. When she moved backwards she felt something heavy attached to her right leg and pulled against it. A sharp pain permeated her entire being and she let out a scream.

She smelled a pungent, moldy odor and heard water dripping into a sink. From this she concluded she was in a basement. Because she was not gagged she knew this had to be in a remote location. If other people were nearby they would be alerted by her cries for help.

She inched her way in the direction of the pain and dragged a heavy chain to what seemed to be a concrete wall. Bending her knees slightly she rubbed her cheek against it trying to move the blindfold enough to be able to see. She quickly gave up, however, because the surface was rough and this caused her face to feel raw. Then she tried to free her hands by moving them back and forth quickly, but doing this accomplished nothing and made her hands ache.

The reason for the abduction was a mystery to her. It couldn’t be for ransom because she had no money or rich family. Her only relative was a brother she lived with and he was as poor as she was. Revenge was not a motive either. Other than a few disgruntled employers, she was at peace with everyone and always tried to be a good neighbor. Just what could it be? If she could piece together the events of the past few months, she might be able to figure out who did this to her and why.

Gary’s other books include:

The Old Miller Place

In 1961 George Peabody struggles for months to find employment. When he is about ready to give up he lands a job with a small newspaper. He likes the area and talks his wife, Elizabeth; into buying an old rundown house. Objects start moving by themselves and an icy presence permeates the entire house. Is he and his family safe? He researches the old house’s history and learns of grisly murders that had taken place there. An attorney is bludgeoned to death and a woman turns up dead in the back of his truck. He is accused of both murders and is on trial for his life. Has he been framed for their murders by a crooked cop, Detective Strausser, or is it someone else? Are the murders of the past somehow connected to what is currently going on? Suddenly he is abducted by the real killer. It becomes a race against time as a retired police detective, Gary Wise, and his ex-partner, Detective Thayer, search for clues to find him.

Buy ebook at Solstice and Amazon

Return to Painter’s Island

It is in the 1950′s and Jim, who is almost nine years old, helps his mom support the family because his dad is too sick to work. He sometimes is allowed to escape to “Painter’s Island”, a magical place where he can be a kid again. Follow him as he jumps off sawdust piles, digs up buried treasure, has sword fights with his friends, and tries to fly.

Buy e-book at Solstice and Amazon


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2 Responses to Gary Peterson and The Kidnapping of Olivia Hammond

  1. Thanks Gary for being my guest today. It was wonderful to have you here! I enjoyed ‘The Kidnapping’ and have put ‘The Old Miller Place’ on my must read list. Have a great Thursday. 🙂

  2. You captured the essence of my book and I appreciate the opportunity to be on your blog. I also want everyone to know that I just wrote a Christmas book that parents can read to their children. It is told from the point of view of a 5 year old child and is called The Timid Christmas Tree. It is only 99 cents and can be purchased at Amazon and Solstice. I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

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