Shelton’s Choice- out December 23rd- Give-aways today!

I’m talking about the sensual side of m/m erotic at The Forbidden Bookshelf today. Give-away!

I breathe in the scent of him, familiar yet somehow always exotic, spiced with the subtle cologne he knows I love, and arousal.

Also today! Shelton and Nevil are sitting across the beer bar with Liz Crowe having a pleasant drink, when Andrew Blake comes on the scene.  -Another give-away!

As Shelton takes the stool next to him, Nevil puts a hand possessively on the small of his back and glares at the man at the end of the bar who’s watching them. The attractive, dark-haired man raises a brow in challenge and Nevil’s eyes narrow to blue chips of ice.



Breathless Press

After a year of bliss with Nevil, Shelton is offered the promotion at the bank he’s been working towards. Unfortunately, it’s in another state and Nevil doesn’t want to move. As tension mounts between them, Shelton is given another challenge in the form of a besotted co-worker. Torn between desires, Shelton has to choose his future. That is, until Nevil takes the decision out of his hands.



About diannehartsock

Author of paranormal/suspense, fantasy/adventure, m/m romance and anything else that comes to mind. Oh, and a floral designer.
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