‘First Love’ Blog Hop Day 2

Welcome to day two of our fun filled blog hop! Today’s theme is:

First Touch


Oh my…do you remember? Standing toe to toe, heart to heart. Warm breath caresses your face hinting at wine and heat and the tangle of tongues. You shiver, excited, scared. This is it!

Tingles race up your skin and prickles in your scalp as awareness sparks between you. You have only to move a fraction for your lips to touch, fingers to slide together, bodies to meld.

But you both hesitated, prolonging the anticipation. Electricity snaps between you. A slow, alluring smile crosses the lovely face so close to yours.

The touch on your arm scorches through the sweater you wish you hadn’t worn so you could feel the fingers on your skin. The glow in eyes fixated on you, coming closer. You close your eyes and sigh at the brush of soft lips, feather light, etched forever in your memory as it scorches your blood.

Heart pounding, you open to the gently probing tongue, tasting its sweetness. Hands slide up your arms, igniting your skin. They slide around your waist and pull you into the warmth and allure of a body that must have been made for you, molding to yours in perfect compliment.

Excerpt from ‘Shelton’s Promise’

Nevil’s lips were warm on his, stilling Shelton’s protest. Nevil caressed Shelton’s cheek with his thumb, wiping away a tear. “Is it for me?”

Shelton nodded, his gaze intent on Nevil’s face as his lover opened the box. Nevil’s hand froze, and Shelton grew anxious at his continued silence. At last Nevil turned his head to meet his stare. Shelton saw the tears clinging to his dark lashes and the happiness swimming in his eyes. Nevil asked him earnestly, “Are you sure?”

Shelton nodded again, his throat too constricted to speak. Nevil made a pleased sound as he took the white gold ring from its cushion. He traced the Celtic knot with a finger. Watching him, Shelton took a breath for courage. “I love you, Nevil. It’s my promise to stay faithful to you.”

“It’s lovely, and I’ll wear it because I love you too.” Nevil slipped the ring on his left hand, next to the small ruby Nevil’s mother had given him years ago, and brought the ring to his lips. He took Shelton’s hands in his and squeezed them gently. “Thank you. And Shelton, after last night, when I thought I might lose you… I can’t imagine ever wanting to be with anyone but you for the rest of my life.”

Shelton mumbled words of love, wanting to respond to the flash in Nevil’s eyes, but the pain medication was making him wonderfully drowsy. Nevil laughed and carefully pulled Shelton to his feet. “Come to bed, love. This time I’ll make sure you stay there.”

Nevil took his hand and led Shelton to the bedroom. Tingling as Nevil undressed him, Shelton felt safe but faintly detached from his body as they slid between the sheets. Shelton didn’t know what the doctor had prescribed for him, but he liked it. The pain in his head was a thing of the past. Nevil’s sleek body against him and the intoxicating kisses became everything.

 Shelton made a vague protest when Nevil rained little kisses over his face. “I’m very sleepy, Nevil. I can’t—”

Nevil’s lips covered his again, tasting him, and Shelton lost his train of thought.

“Don’t do anything,” Nevil murmured in Shelton’s ear before sucking on his earlobe. “I swear to God, I thought you were dying last night. I need to be with you, hold you safe in my arms, and make love to you. Ignore me if you want to. Fall asleep. I’ll try not to disturb you.”

Shelton felt his bones dissolve at Nevil’s words, and he sank into the mattress, teetering blissfully on the border between wakefulness and sleep. Nevil kissed him repeatedly—sensuous kisses that sent a wave of heat through him. Shelton tried to lift his hand, but the effort was beyond him.

Shelton’s Promise

Breathless Press: http://www.breathlesspress.com/sheltons-promise

Shelton has a gift he’s eager to give to Nevil. At a party, Nevil flirts with one man after another, keeping Shelton on his toes. Then Percy, an ex, shows up to complicate things. Despite his best efforts, Shelton can’t find the right moment to give Nevil his gift. Will Nevil ever let Shelton get close to him, or will Shelton have to keep the gift in his pocket all evening?


Gift time! Leave a comment about the first exciting touch from your lover for a chance to win a PDF copy of ‘Shelton’s Promise’! Happy Valentine’s Week!

This is a Blog Hop!



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5 Responses to ‘First Love’ Blog Hop Day 2

  1. Oh my, Dianne, you know how to get man/woman panting, don’t you? *smile* Nice post! I have my first touch experience posted at Ravencraft’s ~ thank you for being part of our ‘First Love’ Blog Fest. I’m enjoying it…and it appears you are, too! Hugs. So Fun!!

  2. Great post, Dianne. Isn’t this a fun way to celebrate all our “Firsts?” I’m enjoying reading the contributions.

  3. First exciting touch from my lover, eh? Maybe I should pass on this one…

  4. Excellent post! Man…you write that description a little too well, my dear. *Fans self* 🙂

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