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First Love

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Valentine’s Day Blog Hop!

Happy Valentine’s Day my dears! 

Today I want to talk about my best ‘first love’ of 2011.

I was published for the first time in 2011!!

Sorry for screaming like that , but you have to admit, that’s pretty sweet. Yup, little old me, who’s been writing for longer than I care to admit, finally had a story pubished. I’ve had quite a few more since, but Shelton in Love will always be closest to my heart.

It’s the  story where I first learned that all the naughty little fantasies I indulge in have a place to live and breathe, and perhaps titillate my readers a bit. And who doesn’t like that?

I have to say, I’ve fallen in love with writting m/m erotics. Men are so delicious! I love climbing into that warm and fuzzy place in my mind and begin. What does my main man look like? Is he wearing those, oh so deliciously snug!,  jeans? What color are his eyes? Do they darken with passion? Light with fire when he’s aroused? Is he dark and slim?

And what about his mate? Is he the opposite, tall and fair? Do they linger over kisses or get straight to the point in bed? Is it love or hate at first sight? You can bet the sparks fly when they come together!

To celebrate my first love, here’s an excerpt from Shelton in Love:

 Nevil parked the car in front of their apartment and shut off the motor. His beautiful eyes smoldered as he gazed at him and Shelton could hardly breathe when he touched his cheek. Nevil shifted on his seat and leaned over to claim Shelton’s mouth again with his own.

The kiss was different this time, urgent, demanding, drawing an instant response from Shelton’s love-starved body. Nevil’s tongue plundered the soft lining of his mouth, plunging in and out until Shelton’s head was spinning with a nameless yearning. He slipped his own tongue between Nevil’s lips and thrilled at his soft moan. The scent of Nevil’s cologne became a pleasure in itself, alluring, seductive, swamping his doubts in an overwhelming need.

Nevil’s kisses burned down his neck and Shelton leaned his head back to give him access as he deftly undid the buttons on his vest and the shirt beneath, spreading them open to expose his chest. Shelton’s tie was still in place, in stark contrast with his white skin. Nevil rubbed the silk over one of his nipples with a decadent laugh in his throat, sending a tingle of pleasure through him. The man quickly nipped the opposite breast and this time the current jolted straight toShelton’s groin, making him cry out in surprise, instantly aroused, his lower body straining against the confining clothing holding him in.

Nevil’s lips teased at the hardened bud on his chest, then returned to his mouth for another shattering kiss. “We should have done this ages ago,” Nevil murmured appreciatively, slipping an arm under him to lift him closer.

A horn blared as headlights swept through the windows, the car pulling out of the parking lot with a squeal of tires. Nevil loosened his hold, chuckling as he pulled away from Shelton. “No one’s done that since high school.”

Shelton stayed where he was, panting, slightly dazed. Nevil took his hand, kissing his fingertips. His eyes lingered on Shelton’s heaving chest. “I could take you right here,” he confessed, his voice unsteady. “But let’s go inside. I need a little more privacy for what I have in mind.”

 Okay! Now for my Valentine’s gift to you. Comment below, telling me who was the first person to cause those delicious butterflies to take flight in your stomach for a chance to win a PDF copy of any book in my backlist, your choice!

Have a splendid day with all the loves in your life. Happy Hopping!

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5 Responses to Hop into Valentine’s Day with Blogs/Give-aways Galore!

  1. Congratulations on your release, Dianne! Lovely post…in answer to your question – I was in the seventh grade and I was walking a boy half-way home, we’d said good-bye and as I was turning to head home, he grabbed me and kissed my cheek. WOW! Being that age and all…I held my cheek all the way home like it might fall off (LOL) and vowed to never wash it. Geesh…that’s young love for you.

  2. wow that great ook my bf at the time i did was a kid in jhr school and he was in band with me
    he ask me to go out to dinner at a restaurant hi older brother drove him and me to the palce and he kissed me

    desi the blonde at msn dot com

  3. Catherine Lee says:

    I got butterflies on the Bergen Avenue bus, riding home from school, oh-so-many years ago. I even got off the bus one stop early because I knew that was his stop. We ended up having a bittersweet high school first love.

    catherinelee100 at gmail dot com

  4. Dianna, congrats on getting your first acceptance this year! 2011 is also my debut year. No feeling in the world comes close to the excitement of receiving your first acceptance letter, your first publishing contract, your first book…

    I hope you had fun blogging with us this week. I know I had fun reading your posts. The blog winner will be posted this Sunday 19th on the Ravencraft blog. Good luck!

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