Shelton’s Strutting His Stuff on the Red Carpet!

AJ’s  Review: 4.5 Delightful Divas

Shelton’s Choice is a sensual romance between two men who are deeply in love with one another. Ms. Hartsock quickly draws you into this short, sexy read that’s full of intense passion, drama, and scorching hot sex.

Although I haven’t read the other two stories in this series, I instantly liked Shelton and Nevil because it was obvious that they genuinely cared for one another. Ms. Hartsock has created a realistic conflict in this mini-drama that occurs in every day life, which was refreshing. I loved that she allowed the story to play out and that both characters were man enough to admit when they were wrong. Ms. Hartsock does add a bit of a twist in the story that will keep you on your toes and add a bit of angst to your reading, but in an enjoyable way.

The dynamics between Shelton and Nevil is simply fantastic as these three dimensional characters with depth leap off the page and quickly claim a place in your heart. There will be many awe moments, but there will also be many moments that your panties are guaranteed to be wet because that’s how hot this couple is in bed. The dialogue throughout the story is engaging and flows smoothly over the pages. Although there were a few minor editing problems, it didn’t hinder the story. The plot is well-developed and will keep you immersed into the story until the very end, while at the same time, have you begging for more of this delicious couple.

Shelton’s Choice is a delightful, sexy, tender love story that will warm your heart and set your soul on fire from the explosive passion that exists between Shelton and Nevil. If you’re looking for a short read that’s guaranteed to put a smile on your face, while keeping you hot and bothered in all the right places, then Shelton’s Choice by Dianne Hartsock is definitely the book to read. So pick up the series. I’m definitely  going to purchase the first two books.

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Author of paranormal/suspense, fantasy/adventure, m/m romance and anything else that comes to mind. Oh, and a floral designer.
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