Sinful Sirens Giveaway Hop!

Heat Up Your Summer! Are you a Sinful Siren?

We know you are! So come and join us at Under the Covers and Guilty Pleasures for our Sinful Sirens blog hop. This summer we want to heat things up until the only way we can cool down is with a dip in the ocean. Entice other sirens by sharing some of your favorite scorching hot reads!


As we ease into the summer, what could be more scorching hot then discovering you’re his ‘first time’?  How mind-blowing and deliciously decadent to slide into that hot heat where no man has gone before.

In Eran’s Release, part of the Ad-Dick-tion Anthology, Paul’s about to experience that amazing privilege.

               ‘He turned to Eran and caught his breath. Eran’s eyes were blue pools to drown in.  Eran returned his gaze for an instant, then dropped his eyes and self-consciously picked at his nails. The dark hair swung down to hide his expression and a curious thought came to Paul. “Eran, have there been many people… Damn. I mean, have you been with many…” Fuck. It isn’t any of my business.’

As you might guess, Paul’s holding his breath for Eran’s reply.

                ‘Blood flooded Eran’s face and Paul stared at the pulse throbbing in his neck. The skin looked so soft… He had the sudden urge to put his mouth there.

             Eran cleared his throat, clearly embarrassed. “There hasn’t been anyone. I didn’t want to be touched.” He raised his eyes to Paul’s. “Until now.”‘

That did it! Throwing caution aside, Paul takes Eran home and spends one of the most incredible nights of his life with him.

Gift time! Eran’s ‘first’ was fabulous. I’m giving away a PDF copy of the Ad-Dick-tion Anthology, vol. 2, to a commenter who tells me about a delicious ‘first’ of theirs. Keep it clean, please! 🙂 Oh, and don’t forget your contact info.

Eran’s Release

Breathless Press   Amazon   All Romance eBooks

Paul isn’t attracted to Eran—he’s intoxicated by the shy, sensual younger man. He’s also confused by Eran’s mixed signals. However, the sight of Eran injured and bruised arouses a protective passion that surprises Paul. Determined to protect Eran from his brutal past, Paul discovers his future.



Eran darted out of reach and disappeared into the next room. Paul followed, almost colliding with him where he’d stopped just over the threshold to the living room. Eran chewed his lips as he eyed the couch against the wall bathed in the soft lights of the Christmas tree.


Color tinged Eran’s cheeks, but he met Paul’s gaze steadily, eyes wide open, anxious. He swallowed convulsively before he spoke. “Will you show me what to do?” He gestured helpless at the couch. “I’ve read a little… I don’t want to disappoint you.”

“Come here, baby.” Paul slipped an arm around Eran’s waist and led him to the couch, sitting beside him. “We can start by kissing.” He smiled roguishly. “You’re very good at that.”

Eran laughed and Paul claimed his mouth, pushing against him until the slim body lay under his. Eran shifted to make room and Paul groaned as Eran’s thigh brushed against his aching cock.

“Do that again,” he commanded and sighed with bliss as Eran drew up his knee and ground his leg against Paul’s groin. Eran’s hard erection rubbed against Paul’s hip bone.

Paul rolled to his side, needing to see the body that was driving him crazy. He slid his hands under Eran’s shirt and pulled it over his head. His gaze roamed hungrily over the finely sculpted chest and his breath went out in a whoosh of instant, burning lust. A tiny silver hoop glittered in the right nipple.

“Oh Eran,” he stammered, his mouth drawn irresistibly to the shiny trinket that had featured in his most intimate fantasies. He licked the very tip of the dark bud with its silver ornament, and thrilled as it hardened. He circled the nipple with his tongue and drew the ring between his lips, sucking gently. He flicked it with his tongue, biting a little. He bit harder, his blood rioting at the feel of hard silver and soft skin in his mouth. So erotic. God, he wanted to swallow the nipple whole!

Eran’s hand threaded in his hair, tugging a little, and he reluctantly lifted his head. Focus! Eran’s face was flushed with desire and his chest rose rapidly under Paul’s hand.

Paul returned to the sweet mouth. “Sorry,” he said between impassioned kisses. “A small fetish I have.” 

“I could tell,” Eran murmured, a smile in his voice. He licked his way down Paul’s chin to his neck, tasting his skin. Paul shivered pleasantly as sharp teeth nibbled his collarbone.

“I have another fetish,” Paul confessed, raising his chin to give Eran more room.

“What is it?” Eran’s voice was suddenly thick. Paul didn’t reply as he slid his hand across Eran’s flat abdomen and undid the top button on his jeans. Buttons? He laughed in delight. “I love buttons!” he said, squirming down to settle his head on Eran’s ribs. He listened to the heartbeat quicken under his ear as his fingers undid the button fly one at a time. He licked his lips when Eran’s erection was freed, unhindered by underwear.

“Lovely,” he murmured, enchanted by the pearl of moisture on the rounded tip, drawing his lips. Salty, tangy. So delicious. He needed more, and took the hard length into his mouth, and shivered as the hot thick cock slid to the back of his throat, nearly choking him. He took in as much of Eran as he could, and swallowed. Eran’s moan became a guttered cry and he gripped Paul’s hair. The pain in his scalp shot through Paul’s body and his dick jerked, dribbling slightly. God, he hadn’t been this ready in a long time.

The pitch of Eran’s cries changed. He was almost there. Paul drew his head back, sucking Eran’s cock then letting it slide out between his lips. He kissed his way up the glistening body and met Eran’s lust dazed eyes. Eran moaned as Paul kissed him and took Eran’s hot erection in his hand, stroking him off.

Eran flung his head back against the pillows, lost in pleasure. “I can’t stop…”

Paul leaned on an elbow, captivated by the wild passion in Eran’s face. “Come for me, baby,” he pleaded, stroking harder, his own erection throbbing. Eran’s breath caught as he tensed, lovely color flooding his cheeks. His body shuddered, and then with a shout he was coming in Paul’s hand, his penis jerking as semen shot up his chest. His cries intoxicated Paul and he stared, awed, as ecstasy made Eran bewitchingly beautiful.

Paul gathered the sweaty, trembling body in his arms as Eran calmed. “Darling,” he whispered, hiding his face in Eran’s neck. He didn’t understand the emotion swelling in his chest. Eran in climax had been the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen. He wanted to spend the rest of his life bringing that look of bliss to Eran’s face.

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7 Responses to Sinful Sirens Giveaway Hop!

  1. Thanks for the chance to win 🙂 Let’s see a 1st of mine….My 1st boyfriend when i moved to a new city while i was in 5th grade ended up being my husband 9 years later! (and now we’ve been married for almost 13 yrs)

  2. yganoe says:

    First….first time I read M/M genre….HOT!!!! Thanks to the Andrew Grey book that a friend recommended.

  3. Trix says:

    First time I ever had the guts to see a movie with M/M or erotic themes in the theatre was when THE PILLOW BOOK came out near the end of college. I was cool as a cucumber…then Ewan McGregor came onscreen as Jerome, and perviness took hold of me for life. Sigh!

  4. Cinders says:

    You sure do not ask for alot you said clean dangum not sure I have one…oh the first time I fell in love I was “old” 16 and Steven became everything with that first deep kiss, he tongue was hugh along with his feet you get my meaning we dated four years. I left for the Army and married my hubby now 24 years ago. lol

  5. Foretta says:

    Thanks for the giveaway!
    First would be when I picked up my very first MM book. Finding Zack by Rowan Speedwell!


  6. LorettaLynn says:

    Great giveaway:)
    hmm a first of mine was when i got pulled over for a blown head light and fibed about not knowing to the cop..opps…

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