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Angels and Demons

(Flash Fiction)

David dashed the tears and blood from his eyes. Oh God.

 He dropped to his knees beside Saul’s slashed body. Icy rain formed crimson puddles in the mud. Without thought he placed his hands over Saul’s faint heartbeat. Life gathered in his palms and spread to the demon.

A gasp escaped the bloody lips and Saul grabbed his wrists. “Enough! I don’t need all…”

Hounds bayed in the distance and David’s gaze swept the battlefield littered with the bodies of both angels and demons. Saul’s grip tightened. “Go, Angel! They’ll tear you to shreds.”

“Come with me.”

“You can’t save me.”

“I can try.”

Saul pulled him down. They kissed, their souls twined in a wild dance. David groaned, wanting Saul writhing in his arms, screaming his name as he came.

Saul shoved at his chest as the hell hounds drew near. David nipped the demon’s full lips. “I’ll find you,” he vowed. “I’ll find a way for us to be together.”

He ran and his wings spread in a shower of gold as he leapt into the sky. Drawing his bright sword, he joined the battle further afield, though he burned for the demon who’d stolen his heart.

So which do you prefer? The delicious angel or decadent demon?

What is it about those beautiful, pure angels that attract us so blatantly? For me, it’s the breadth and strength of chest and shoulders able to bear the weight of those magnificent wings. It’s in the perfection of body and the intelligence of mind. It’s the thought that if they love, it would be true and innocent and forever. And come on, who can resist the sensual allure in the thought of seducing one of those magnificent creatures! Would it start with a chaste kiss, quickly heating to more? Or would it be come in a blaze of light and fire as we’re swept up into hungry arms and devoured by a newly awaked, fully aroused lover.

But what of their counterparts, those irreverent and sexy-as-hell demons? We know they’re evil beneath that wickedly handsome exterior. What does it matter how they fill out those jeans and make our bones melt with that ravishing smile? They’re BAD GUYS! Seducing virgins and stealing souls with an earth shattering kiss. Maybe we can’t help ourselves when we fall for their dark seductions, the heated glance across the room over the head of a current partner. Spellbound, we walk to his side and never think to resist when he pulls us into his arms. I guess we can claim ‘the devil made me do it’!

Prize Time! I’m giving away two copies of my m/m erotic fantasy Nathaniel to commenters who tell me which they prefer as the hero, an angel or demon? Remember to leave your contact info so we can find you!! Good luck. 🙂


Etopia Press  Amazon  Barnes and Noble

From the moment Taden rescues Nathaniel from the Sutherlin soldiers’ torture, he finds himself caught in the gaze of the most beautiful eyes he’s ever seen; amazing eyes that hold him thrilled and confused. The Sutherlins are planning to invade the beautiful Tahon Valley, but as Taden secrets Nathaniel from their reach, he finds himself drawn to the young man. Not only does he feel the urge to protect him, but he feels an ache he hasn’t felt in many long years.

Nathaniel claims to be a traveler from a distant continent, saying he comes in peace. True or not, the youth has powers beyond anything Taden has seen—control over men and animals and the very weather. Taden falls hard for the strange traveler, protecting him not only from the Sutherlins but from his own mistrustful people, who don’t understand Nathaniel’s powers and accuse him of being a witch…


Taden groaned as he awoke, his head on fire.

“Hold him still,” a voice said coolly.

Someone cupped his cheek with a gentle hand and languid warmth spread through Taden’s body. “Hold still, lord,” Nathaniel whispered, and a shiver passed through him as soft lips brushed his cheek.

“I said keep him still, not seduce him.”

Taden forced his eyes open. Corin’s handsome face was inches from his own, the man’s deft fingers doing something to his scalp. He hissed at a jab of pain and Corin’s deep brown eyes swiveled to his. “All done, love.”

Corin’s labored breathing fanned his face. Whatever the man had done had taken a toll on him. Taden watched a bead of sweat slip down the dark skin to Corin’s jaw. He wondered what it would taste like on his tongue. Taden started at the man’s amused laughter, and then Corin bent closer and kissed him on the mouth. Taden’s head swam as Corin’s tongue darted between his teeth, tasting him. A groan built in his chest as his tongue was sucked into Corin’s mouth, his body responding to the promise of passion in the exotic flavor of the man.

Taden wrenched his lips from Corin’s and twisted from under the tempting heat of his body. “Get off me.”

“Very well,” Corin purred, then bent closer and nipped Taden’s lip with sharp teeth. “Ungrateful man.”

Taden sucked the blood on his lips as he watched Corin climb effortlessly to his feet and move away. He turned his head. Nathaniel stared at his hands clenched in his lap. Color stained his cheeks.


“I’m sorry,” Nathaniel said, not meeting his gaze. “My cousin’s angry and is punishing me.”

“What…” Taden began, then fell silent when Nathaniel raised his head and he saw the blaze of fury in his beautiful green eyes. His heart quickened, wondering if there wasn’t a hint of jealousy in those eyes as well. Taden shifted to his side and pressed his lips to Nathaniel’s hands. “He means nothing to me,” he assured the lad. Nathaniel’s blush deepened, then he smiled and lowered his face to gently lick the blood from the painful cut and tenderly kiss Taden’s lips.

“Can you sit up?” Nathaniel asked after a pleasurable moment. Taden stared at the stain of blood on Nathaniel’s mouth and a shiver of apprehension ran through him. Fear swelled in his chest, and he knew with a shock that he’d lost his heart to the man. He didn’t even know how it had happened, but assuredly he’d give his life to protect Nathaniel.

“Where are the others?” he asked as he climbed to his feet with Nathaniel’s help. He clutched at the other man’s arm, unsteady, his head throbbing to his heartbeat.

“Careful, lord. You nearly lost your scalp back there.”

Taden blinked Nathaniel’s face into focus. “What happened?”

A smile curled his pale lips, though Nathaniel’s tone was admonishing. “You came to my rescue, though I didn’t need your assistance. A Sutherlin almost took your head, but you ducked in time.”

“I remember falling…”

Dismay swept Nathaniel’s face. “I shouldn’t have done that. You might have been killed with the others.” His gaze traveled over Taden’s body. “You landed on a ledge. You might have broken your neck!”

Taden slowly stretched, testing his bones. His shoulders and back were sore, and he felt bruised, but nothing serious. He lifted his arms over his head, arching his back to ease the discomfort, and caught Nathanial’s enraptured gaze on his movements. He slowly lowered his arms, heated by the smoldering desire in Nathaniel’s green eyes. The young man blinked, and the color deepened under his fair complexion.

Taden didn’t have to follow Nathaniel’s glance down his body. There was nothing wrong with that part of his anatomy. His erection pressed against his pants. Feeling the fool, Taden took a few steps away from Nathaniel along a path leading to a rocky ledge. “Where are we?” He stopped at the edge, and a delighted sound escaped his lips. “This is my land!”

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50 Responses to Angels vs. Demons Blog Hop!

  1. Heather Streible says:

    A demon, I like a bad boy

  2. Leia Shaw says:

    what beautiful pictures you found! thanks for participating in the hop!

  3. The demon, not that the Angel wasn’t awesome too!


  4. Anne M. says:

    Demons are the best, gotta love a bad boy.

  5. Tracey D says:

    Demons, please. I love me some bad boys!! LOL

    Tracey D
    booklover0226 at gmail dot com

    And the pictures are beautiful – drools…..

  6. Melissa Stoneback-Tuttle says:

    Decadent Demon definitely. Although the angel is awesome as well. Thanks for participating.


  7. Jess1 says:

    I love Angels.
    strive4bst at yahoo dot com

  8. Sheri Fredricks says:

    I’m an angel kind of gal! Great pics on your post!
    sherifredricks at charter dot net

  9. Andie Wardlow says:

    Team Wicked Sexxxy!!! In other words, demons:)

  10. Denise Z says:

    I am a totally fickle gal! I will love a good demon as well as a wicked angel, just as long as they are in a really good read LOL Thank you for sharing in the fun!

  11. Lacey T says:

    I love both, but I’d rather have demons!

  12. Natasha says:

    Demons. Thanks for the chance to win!
    natasha_donohoo_8 at hotmail dot com

  13. donnas1 says:

    Sounds good. Thanks for sharing!!

    bacchus76 at myself dot com

  14. Kiru Taye says:

    Hi Dianne,

    I love angels. I love your piece of flash fiction and your book looks fab. Congrats.

  15. sionedkla says:

    WOW nice excerpt!!
    I love my bad boys, demon please 😉

  16. yganoe says:

    Demons definitely!

  17. erleen says:

    Angels or Demons? I vote for angels.

    thanks for the giveaway!

  18. Rose says:

    I love both Angels & Demons.

  19. Sophia Rose says:

    I like them both, but I do lean toward the angels. Thanks for sharing your excerpt and offering your book up as the giveaway. It sounds great.

  20. Pammie Sutton says:

    I gotta have both….a little nice and a whole lot of naughty….

  21. Gale Nelson says:

    love the Fallen Angel series by JR Ward Gale

  22. Shanna Roberson says:

    I’m team demon!!! 🙂 taghairmpyxi(at)aol(dot)com

  23. Cathy M says:

    I love warrior angels.

    caity_mack at yahoo dot com

  24. mabledsoe says:

    Love me some fallen angels today. I need that wickedly good hotness.
    koonie2888 at yahoo dot com

  25. Carin W says:

    As far as angels vs demons, who doesn’t love a bad boy? Demons baby!

  26. I want both!! Give me an Angel and Demon. Mix some of the nice with the naughty! MM MMM!!
    bournmelissa at hotmail dot com

  27. Christine M says:

    I prefer bad boy angels myself.

    isabelli3619 (at) aol (dot) com

  28. Susan W. says:

    I want both after that exerpt of David and Saul!

  29. SJ Thomas says:

    I think demons – the ultimate bad boy that only the right woman can tame – yum. Love your flash Dianne, utterly delicious and decadent

  30. Emily D says:

    I pick angels. emily joy drake at gmail dot com

  31. Vanessa N. says:

    Team angels. Thanks for the giveaway.

  32. tygbitz says:

    Actually I would prefer something different in a way. I like seeing the different aspects and perspectives on both “species” In folklore, not all demons are evil. And in some depictions, not all angels have compassion for humans just compassion for what they are told to do. That is what interests me more. novels with a demon that is more compassionate, or an Angel who is a fierce warrior, Those are the kinds of novels that really perk me up to read it. Don’t get me wrong I love a bad demon, But sometimes I love to be surprised. So I can’t choose between the two but I do like different variations of them in romance because it’s stimulating. It’s not predictable.

  33. Penumbra says:

    Angels for me 🙂


  34. Brenda says:

    Holy DODDLE. I loved your post. I loved your excerpts…fantastic.
    I like both angels and demons. For me, it all depends on the story.

  35. StacieD says:

    I love dark heroes so I prefer demons. I enjoyed the excerpt.

    geishasmom73 AT yahoo DOT com

  36. Sherry S. says:

    I love Demons. They can be so dark and sexy.
    sstrode at scrtc dot com

  37. June M. says:

    Well, I have always loved bad boys, so I would pick Team Demon.
    manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com

  38. I’m going to have to go with Angels! They’re sexy, built, winged… I mean, come on… feathers??? 😉 And just who ever said angels were all sugar and nice? Even biblical angels were pretty fierce.
    So, yep, gonna have to go with feathers over horns.

    P.S. I reviewed Nathaniel so don’t enter me for that one – someone else should get a chance at all that fun 🙂

  39. Lisa Hackeny says:

    I need to have both… an angel and a demon…. oh, and one should be male and the other female… what can I say? I like to have my cake and eat it too!
    Lisa Hackney

  40. BookAttict says:

    Demons are the ultimate bad boys, and I have a major “thing” for bad boys, so I’m definitely Team Demon!
    elizabeth @ bookattict . com

  41. Stephanie Huff says:

    I like them both, but I prefer demons, especially those with a bit of a soft side. I particularly like Al from Kim Harrison’s Hallows series


  42. I like angels, but I love demons.


  43. latishajean says:

    Thank you for the great giveaway! Im team demons right now as my pick!

  44. bn100 says:

    I like demons. Nice excerpt.


  45. Shadow says:

    Fallen Angels! Okay, maybe demons. I love bad boys! 😀 Thank you for the awesome giveaway!

  46. livrancourt says:

    Team Demon has a certain ring to it, don’t ya think?
    Thanks for the post!

  47. Jesse Kimmel-Freeman and Penumbra are my winners! Thanks everyone for playing. 🙂

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