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Welcome to my little tease! Tantalizing Tuesdays is: A group full of fun people who love to express themselves writing 200 word teasers every Tuesday. And it’s true! I’ve read some fabulous flash fiction since I’ve joined. When you’re finished here, please hop on over to the next tease. Promise you’ll love it!

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The Painting

“Hold still, please.”

Dan heard the anxiety in Caleb’s voice and locked his knees against exhaustion. He’d been flattered when Renee asked him to model, but being trapped in the studio with the painter and his pretty assistant was becoming a black nightmare.

“Danny, sweetheart, you seem to be losing enthusiasm. Caleb, see what you can do. Don’t play coy! It’s not like you haven’t been eyeing that big cock since Danny stripped.”

Dan watched a dark flush stain Caleb’s face. Fuck!  He wanted to kick Renee’s arrogant ass. But he really needed the money. “You get paid once I have my picture,” Renee had sneered.

Caleb knelt but Dan raised his chin and looked into his warm chocolate eyes. He wanted those full, perfect lips on him, but not like this. “Leave him,” he urged.

A shiver ran through Caleb and despair laced his words, “I’ve tried! But he always finds me. Then it’s…terrible.”

Dan smiled briefly, grateful for his unsavory friends. “I can protect you.”

“He won’t let me go.”

“He will,” Dan promised, thinking of the knife hidden in his boot.

“Get on with it!” Renee bellowed and Dan moaned as velvet soft lips slid over him.





About diannehartsock

Author of paranormal/suspense, fantasy/adventure, m/m romance and anything else that comes to mind. Oh, and a floral designer.
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13 Responses to Tantalizing Tuesday Teaser’s Summer Blog Hop!

  1. yganoe says:

    Very interesting teaser!

  2. Don Abdul says:

    Another hot teaser from an expert pleaser.
    Thumbs up Dianne.

  3. naomi says:

    Tense thrilling and sexy. I want to know the next bit. Does the enthusiasm heighten again?

  4. leebrazil says:

    Great post Dianne. Forgetting about the jerky artist might be difficult, but something tells me it might happen 🙂

  5. S. J. Maylee says:

    Oh, the terror. I can’t believe you left us like that. My mind is all worried. Fabulous Tease.

  6. Oh you got me very interested. Want to know more…

  7. This teaser is extremely hot! I want to be able to touch them all the way you have written the scene.

  8. chickie434 says:

    Wow, great tease! I’m sensing a potential story… Please at least write a short story with these two! I’d love to read more!


  9. Great tease Dianne with more to come I hope

  10. Cg Brumby says:

    The story was a painting in progress – life imitating art. Beautiful and creative. A collision of brush stroke with flaming colour to pepper the imagination with endless possibilities. Made me stop and think who was going to need protecting. A nail biting tease.

  11. Jake Malden says:

    Damn, you’re good at this tease business. And you do a good line in macho sexiness with a threatening undercurrent. Great tease, ready to burst into a fully-fledged story should you want it to.

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