Look! A Writing Challenge…with Paul’s Mistake

The never to back down, martini lovin, SJ Maylee, has handed me a LOOK writing challenge and I’m up for it, maybe.

Here’s the details (which I get to share with five fabulous authors): Find the LOOKs in your current WIPs AND post the paragraphs around the word. Choose your favorite THREE, because everyone has to have at least three, in your WIP to post.

Best part is sharing the love with some of my favorite writers, they’re each worth checking out:

Samantha Thomas  Leona Bushman  Raven McAllan  D.F. Krieger  Gayle Taylor

Paul’s Mistake

#1   “We’re here!” he called to the man’s retreating back.

The technician looked back, a smile spreading on his friendly face. He patted the soft case he carried. “Excellent. This should only take a few minutes.”

Paul held the door open and let the middle aged man precede him into the living room. “The TV’s over here.” A noise from the kitchen startled him. “I’ll leave you to it,” he told the man, distracted, and left him when he nodded and opened his case. He found Eran in the kitchen already dressed. Eran didn’t meet his gaze and Paul leaned against the doorframe as his lover concentrated on making the coffee.

#2  He glanced over on hearing a polite cough at the door, but wouldn’t let Eran go when he tried to step away.

The tech looked embarrassed. “Um…changed the cable box. Short in the wiring.”

“Let me get you a check.” Paul put his lips against Eran’s ear and whispered, “Stay right here.”

#3  Paul returned to the kitchen and looked at Eran where he leaned against the counter, arms crossed over his chest.

So beautiful. Eran’s ink black hair brushed his chin, framing a delicate face and enormous blue eyes holding an unexpected sorrow. Paul walked up to him and tugged the slim, strong body of the man he loved into his arms. He planted little kisses along Eran’s jawline. “Tell me what’s wrong, baby.”

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Author of paranormal/suspense, fantasy/adventure, m/m romance and anything else that comes to mind. Oh, and a floral designer.
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6 Responses to Look! A Writing Challenge…with Paul’s Mistake

  1. SJ Thomas says:

    Great challenge – these are from my current WIP paranormal romance (unedited!)

    Their Deadly Destiny

    #1 Mammon looked down at his watch. “Speaking of which, you’ll all just about in time. He should be here any minute.”

    As one they looked toward the ornate fireplace that stood on one side of the office. Hades was bound to hell but he could manifest for brief periods of time in certain sacred places. The club was a former church, brought by Mammon and converted into a premiere nightclub because as he so astutely observed, where else can you have all seven sins practiced on a nightly basis?

    #2 She hoped this would be the day he returned her embrace but when she felt his body stiffen against hers, felt his hands come up to grasp her upper arms, her heart sank. As he pushed her gently away, she tried to hide her feelings as she looked up at him.

    As always Gabrielle took her breath away. His features were delicate but still very masculine; his golden curls falling to his shoulders, those sea green eyes framed by lush blond lashes, his pink full lips that she ached to kiss. Angelic perfection.

    #3 Grace’s eyes sought Lazarus who was also fighting, the clash of swords contrasting with the masculine grunts and yells. Dodging a set of razor sharp claws that passed within inches of his throat Lazarus shoved his sword forward, connecting with the demon he was fighting. As the demon fell he looked at her and shouted one word. “Run.”

  2. S. J. Maylee says:

    Yeah, I’m so glad you were able to play along 😀 I love your writing, Dianne. Fun to get these looks into your WIP.

  3. gayl taylor says:

    Oh! Do we post ours here?

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