Hump Day Hook

humpdayhookThis is a weekly blog hop that happens every Wednesday–Hump Day–where authors can showcase and share their work. Find other delightful hooks HERE.

This week’s hook comes from my Naughty Nursery Rhyme, WEE WILLIE WINKIE. Today, Willie is waiting to meet his lover.

* * * *

weewilliewinkie 200x300William drew a deep breath as he stepped into the afternoon sunshine. The crisp air cleared his head, and he went to the railing and looked out over the wide expanse of sea. Gulls cried overhead and filled him with a strange sadness. The ship rocked gently with a swell. After another breath of invigorating air, he glanced at his pocket watch.

A thrill shot through him. Freddie would meet him in twenty minutes. Sweet Lord, I want to see him! He hadn’t felt this giddy since he was sixteen and shared his first kiss with his handsome, shy tutor. He smiled in remembrance. He’d set out to seduce the man from the moment their eyes first met across his father’s desk. It had taken several delightful months to coax Freddie into his arms and bed. He should hope it wouldn’t take that long this time around.

About diannehartsock

Author of paranormal/suspense, fantasy/adventure, m/m romance and anything else that comes to mind. Oh, and a floral designer.
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16 Responses to Hump Day Hook

  1. Oh, that’s a lovely snippet, Dianne. Sweet and sexy. 😊

  2. Sherry Gloag says:

    Lovely snippet, I hope his lover turns up.

  3. Tantalizing description – I was drawn in at once!

  4. Beautifully written and very romantic snippet

  5. gayleramage says:

    The title alone has hooked me – I remember the rhyme well. 😀

  6. Lacie says:

    Great job. Loved it.

  7. Great snippet, I love a romance!

  8. Jessica Subject says:

    I can sense his excitement. Hopefully all goes well. 🙂

  9. Sue says:

    I should hope not!

  10. Elin Gregory says:

    William’s a bit of a firecracker. He was taking a heck of a risk with Freddie’s life but – well – love does that to a boy. Nice snippet.

  11. Sarah Cass says:

    What a lovely excitement!! 🙂 Love the snip.

  12. I think he’s determined to revisit the flame. I like the tenderness mixed with his passion.

  13. What a naughty student he was! Great hook 🙂

  14. JadeCrystal says:

    The thought of turning this children’s tale into a naughty nursery rhyme just intrigues me to no end. I’m adding this to my TBR list. I like Willie a lot. Great hook!

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