Hump Day Hook!

humpdayhookThis is a weekly blog hop that happens every Wednesday–Hump Day–where authors can showcase and share their work. Find other delightful hooks HERE.

Today I’m continuing my story for the GoodReads M/M Romance promt. Pic here! Luke’s caught up with his two men in Physics class.

*  *  *  *

Luke tore his gaze back to his book and groaned silently, dick hard as a rock. Why now? He’d gotten through nearly twenty-one years of life without falling in love. What was so special about these two men? Sure, they were lovely, but there were a lot of attractive men on campus.

He bit his lip when Riley leaned toward him, breath warm on his cheek. “We’re on page A Hundred Ten. Second example. Take notes. Professor says it will be on the quiz.”

“Thanks.” Luke flipped to the desired page, pretending Riley’s hand on his arm wasn’t making the blood pound through his veins. Riley’s hold tightened and Luke turned his head. His reluctance must have been obvious because Riley snatched his hand back, confusion sweeping his face.

Austin put an arm across his shoulder. “Never mind, honey,” he said loud enough for Luke to hear. “Guess he’s not interested in a couple of queers like us.”

“But you said…”

Austin met Luke’s gaze, questioning. Luke let his mask fall into place. Much as he ached to haul Austin from his chair, pin him to the wall and ravage that hot mouth, he couldn’t risk it.

His heart twisted at the hurt in Austin’s eyes and the slight tremor in his voice when he spoke, “Guess I was wrong, baby.”

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Author of paranormal/suspense, fantasy/adventure, m/m romance and anything else that comes to mind. Oh, and a floral designer.
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5 Responses to Hump Day Hook!

  1. Aww I can feel his torment.

  2. Jessica Subject says:

    A fabulous look at his internal struggle. Excellent! 🙂

  3. JadeCrystal says:

    So the boys are older now and Luke still is struggling with these feelings? Is he still holding back because of his father? Poor guy. The internal struggle is hard enough for him, it seems, but I’m sure the fact that he’s now hurting Austin and Riley must make it so much harder. Wonderful snippet, Dianne.
    And Luke, sweetheart, just a bit of advice for you: physics class will be so much more fun if you go with your feelings on this. 😉

  4. Sue says:

    A stunner of a snippet 😀

  5. The poor tormented boy, I really feel his pain. Great hook!

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