OFF SIDES ( LHNB free read!)

1BMy free read for the Goodreads M/M Group ‘Love Has no Boundaries’ event is up today!

Dear Author,

Austin and Riley have been together since high school. They’ve always loved each other and knew they’d spend the rest of their lives together. But when they started playing soccer in college they met a sexy blond named Luke who, as far as they know, is the stereotypical conservative rich kid with the perfect GPA (aka the stuck-up straight guy).

Please tell us their story and how this perfect couple became three.    -Kaylee


Chapter One

Luke pushed through the locker room doors, letting them slam shut behind him with a satisfying thunk that echoed off the tiled showers. Goddamn Gabe. Two weeks until playoffs, and his right forward and supposed ace-in-the-hole player was letting his game slip. It was already Wednesday and Gabe probably hadn’t stepped foot on a soccer field all week.

His gaze shot across the room at a burst of jeering laughter from the group gathered at the showers. Shit. The toughness that made Gabe a killer on the field also made him dangerous to cross, and a fucking bully to the less skillful players on the team. In Gabe’s mind, that pretty much included everyone.

Luke couldn’t see who the target was this time, and skirted the upright lockers. Riley, his new left guard, stood under a shower rinsing shampoo from his hair as if he couldn’t hear the vicious remarks being aimed at him. Luke groaned, not only for the harassment but also at the way his dick jumped as he watched the white suds slide down a slim back towards a sweet little ass.

He jerked his head up at Gabe’s words. “And the little faggot can’t kick a ball more than ten feet. Don’t know why Ackley let him on the team in the first place.”

What the hell? Luke clenched his hands and stepped up to the group, glaring at Gabe. “Shut your mouth.”

Gabe gave him a startled look, a slow sneer crossing his ruddy face. “Or what? You know his playing sucks. As captain, I’d think you’d be happy to be rid of the queer and his equally pathetic boyfriend.”

“Jesus, Gabe. Shut that hole in your face already,” a voice called from the sink area.

“Yeah, McKenzie? You want to come over here and make me, you queer-lover?”

Luke made a lunge for Gabe just as a bellow swiveled all eyes to the door. “What’s going on here? Gabe, get your sorry ass to my office. The rest of you, five minutes to clear the locker room or I’ll suspend the lot of you.”

“Sorry Coach,” Luke called, breathing hard while he fought the urge to kick Gabe’s ass anyway.

Gabe scowled. “This isn’t over, Parsons,” he hissed to Luke as he brushed past him. Luke watched his retreating back, then looked at the guys milling around him, trying to gauge their reaction. Tim McKenzie nodded his red head but no one else met his gaze. Some stripped and quickly showered, but most simply threw on their clothes and left. Luke sighed. He’d worked all season to bring them together as a team, but he wasn’t sure how to deal with this new hurdle.

He chewed his lips, working on the puzzle as he removed his sweat-drenched uniform and stepped under the shower. God, the water felt fantastic on his aching shoulders. He listened to the quiet murmurs behind him and the closing of the locker room doors. Thinking himself alone, he turned under the hot spray, surprised to see his new teammates sitting on the bench by their locker.

For just an instant he allowed his hungry gaze to travel over them. Riley’s brown hair clung damply to his head, already curling on the ends. He’d dressed and was holding his socks while Austin spoke quietly to him. Riley’s shoulders slumped at something he said, and Austin touched his back, drew Riley against his shoulder. Luke held his breath, wondering if they’d kiss. God, he wanted to see them kiss. He’d caught them making out the other day behind the gym and had almost come at the erotic sight of touching tongues and lips and roving hands.

Stifling a groan, he faced the green-tiled walls again, wondering how to hide his fat erection from their eyes. He couldn’t stay there forever. Maybe they’d leave soon. He remembered their kiss and suddenly ached to have those plump lips on him, on his mouth and dick.

Pain twisted through him and he put a fist against the wall, rested his head on his arm to let the hot shower spray run down his back. He couldn’t be attracted to those gorgeous guys. His parents wouldn’t accept it. His father sure as hell wouldn’t accept a gay son. A little more than a year of school to go. He had to hang on and graduate. After that, well, he could fuck anyone he wanted. But until then, his old man held the purse strings and Luke had to dance to the straight-as-an-arrow path expected of him.

The silence stretched out in the locker room. Had they left? He glanced over his shoulder and lost his breath. They stood with their arms around each other, both sets of pretty eyes on him. Tension built between them, thick and heavy in the humid air. His cock throbbed in sympathy. Could they tell? Did they sense how hot he was for them?

He faced the tiled wall again. “Go away,” he muttered, and hoped they took the gruffness in his voice for anger and not the aching lust that pulsed through him. He winced at Riley’s small gasp. Damn, he hadn’t meant to hurt him, not after Gabe’s cruelty.


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