I’m Hosting the Fabulous Lee Brazil!

 round robbin blog swap

My First Crush and Few Other Random Facts About Lee Brazil

Good morning! *sips coffee* Thanks so much for hosting me here Dianne. *looks at cup* I just can’t give this up. I’m trying to live a healthier lifestyle, and drink water, but it seems really difficult. Now, that’s not what I came to talk about though. I’m doing this Round Robin thing for Breathless Press, and wouldn’t you know it? They didn’t give us a topic.

It’s like looking at blank blue book. Do they still use those for exams?

Can I get a multiple choice question at least?

Speaking of blue books…Did I ever tell you the story of my first crush? I mean, the one on a real, attainable person? Not the ones on people like Shaun Cassidy and Dirk Benedict and Harrison Ford….

No? Well, let me overshare then. Now, don’t get your hopes up, because I can tell you right off the bat it doesn’t have a happy ending. *Shakes head* Oh yeah. Because awkward doesn’t begin to describe the oddity that was Lee in high school. There was this absolutely gorgeous guy in my biology class. He had it all…blonde hair a little too long, blue eyes, kiss me now lips…wranglers so tight you could see the imprint of… well we won’t go into that, and a sexy soft southern drawl that just made me melt.

And what happens? Not a damn thing. Because the second week of class, before I get up the nerve to speak to this paragon of beauty, I sat in class waiting for a lecture to begin, and he came in. Did I mention he sat at the same lab table I did? Oh yeah. I got to look at that, every day.

So on this auspicious Wednesday afternoon, I’m waiting and trying not to look like I’m looking, and he comes in.

And the guy behind him is being a clown and yanks his chair away just as my crush sits down. He landed on the floor with yelp and I couldn’t help it. It was so dang funny I just busted out laughing.

End romance.

*sigh* My face turned red and tears were streaming down my face. I laughed so hard I nearly threw up on the lab table. I got a detention, he got sent to the nurse’s office, and when I came in on Thursday our seats had been rearranged.

First love. Ain’t it a trip? What about you? Do you remember your first crush?



M/M/M Contemporary Ménage from Breathless Press

Meeting Solomon again while holding hands with another man wasn’t in Lake’s plan. Neither was anything that happened afterward.

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10 Responses to I’m Hosting the Fabulous Lee Brazil!

  1. Cinders says:

    Loved the little story. I do remember my first crush..6th grade their names Jimmy and Wayne the could draw a hot rod like nobodies business love at first draw…

  2. Thanks for taking a minute from your busy schedule to stop in, Lee! Gosh, your story brings back memories… My first love was Tom (blushes, don’t remember his last name) Captain of the football team, straight A student, drop dead gorgeous with dark hair, blue eyes… Never looked at me twice so I worshipped from afar. 🙂

  3. leebrazil says:

    Thanks for having me, Dianne! It’s always a pleasure to visit with you.

  4. Havan says:

    Poor Lee, but great story to tell.
    My first crush was with Timmy, my next door neighbor. Now way back when *cough cough* I lived in a close knit neighborhood. Timmy and I were both 3 and evidently I snuck out of the house to have nap time with him…sent the whole street in a tizzy looking for us. 😀 To this day my family still reminds me of how I crawled into bed with a guy at the age of 3…um…yeah lmao 🙂

  5. Oh, I feel horrible chuckling at that story. (But that didn’t stop me. :))
    My first crush . . . is a little inappropriate (see parenthetical above). I was about 8 and asked Bobby if he “liked” Deanna because I had it bad for them both. He thought I was odd and didn’t want to play 2nd base beside me anymore, but at least he didn’t tell everyone. 🙂

    • You’re so lucky he didn’t tell, Charley! Everyone always found out who I liked then would tease that person about it until I wanted to crawl in a hole somewhere. I never did like school much.

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