Christmas in October!

santaChristmas in October!

 It is almost upon us.  Only four more days!

 Every Monday and Thursday during October,

six different authors will be spotlighting their books. 


Some lucky commenter is going to win over 50 different prizes. 

 It could be you!  All you need to do is comment.

 The more you comment, the more chances you have of winning

all of these fabulous prizes!


So mark your calendars for Thursday, October 3,

and be sure to visit

for your chance to win!

 Ho!  Ho!  Ho!

Thursday, October 3

Marie Lavendar

Cheryl Carpinello       

Feoff Nelder

John Nuetzel

Jennifer Garcia

Monday, October 7                                                     Thursday, October 10

George Miller                                                              Marsha West

Cheryl Carpinello                                                        Joanne Tucker

Penny Estelle                                                              Mary Waibel

Nancy Wood                                                               Larriane

Rosemary Gemmel                                                      Kirsten

Monday, October 14                                                   Thursday, October 17

Joy Redman                                                                Susan Royal

Cheryl Carpinello                                                        Charlotte Babb

Jeanne Bannon                                                            E B Sullivan

Craig Andrews                                                            MB Feeney

Lisa                                                                             Kelly Writer

Monday, October 21                                                   Thursday, October 24

Stan Hampton                                                             JQ Rose

Jacquie White                                                              Andrea Buginsky

Penny Ehrenkranze                                                     Kate Collins

Vala Kaye                                                                   Jennifer Garcia

James Fox                                                                   Nicole Zoltade

                                                                                    JB Cameron

Monday, October 28                                                   Thursday, October 31

Mark Iles                                                                     Erin Albert

Dianne Hartsock                                                         Anne Graham

Kirsten                                                                                    KC Sprayberry

Joanne Tucker                                                             Penny Estelle

Heather Greenis                                                          Maria Swan


About diannehartsock

Author of paranormal/suspense, fantasy/adventure, m/m romance and anything else that comes to mind. Oh, and a floral designer.
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