Thursday’s Flash

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Paul’s Midnight Kiss

Paul’s breath caught in his throat and his mouth went dry when Eran leaned over the countertop, presenting his perfect ass. Paul knew the taste of that white skin, warm and salty, where Eran’s tee-shirt separated from his low cut jeans. Eran scorned underwear. If Paul reached around and undid the button fly on those tight pants, Eran’s smooth cock would fall out into his eager grasp. Or he could nudge the jeans lower, part that muscular butt and slide his tongue over the sweet puckered hole and lick the treasures dangling beneath it.

He shifted on the stool, needing to rearrange his own stiffening package. Eran dropped the dirty cups into the tub behind the coffee counter and straightened. He caught Paul stare and blushed to the roots of his black hair, though the smirk that lifted his full lips was a definite invitation. Paul groaned as his misbehaving dick thickened further and pushed uncomfortably against his fly. He wanted Eran’s hands on him now. “Tell me you’re almost done,” he pleaded.

“Almost.” Eran nudged Paul’s knees apart and stepped between them. Paul trembled with need as Eran’s hands slid up his thighs. Eran brushed his fingertips over the bulge in Paul’s pants, sending sparks of pleasure sizzling along his nerves. “We could stay here,” he suggested and nibbled Paul’s lips. Paul retaliated by thrusting his tongue deep into Eran’s ripe mouth. His head whirled from the intoxicating sweetness. His darling returned the favor and they spent several pleasurable minutes kissing before Paul remembered the time. Damn!

“Can’t you leave the dishes until morning?”

“And have Sandi cut off my balls? No thanks,” Eran said, referring to his co-worker. He glanced at his watch. “We still have half-an-hour until midnight. Plenty of time to get to Shelton’s party.”

“Just hurry. I can’t believe your boss made you work on New Year’s Eve. What a prick.” Paul caressed Eran’s sleekly muscled back and cupped his tight ass. With a jerk he pulled Eran against his straining erection. “Feel that?” he growled in his darling’s ear. “If you don’t hurry, I won’t be able to wait until midnight.” Paul dropped his head and sucked on the pulse beating in Eran’s neck.

“Are you going to let me go?” Eran asked with a laugh when Paul became lost in the delicious taste and scent of Eran’s heated skin.

“Never,” he vowed and bit gently on Eran’s collar bone as the blood surged in his veins. They’d hardly been dating a week, but Paul couldn’t imagine wanting anyone but this gorgeous, sensual man in his heart and bed.

“The party?” Eran teased, and Paul reluctantly released him. His gaze followed
Eran’s graceful form as he picked up the tub of dirty cups and headed to the back room. He longed suddenly to be at the party. There’d be music, and he wanted to hold Eran’s slim, hot body tight in his arms as they swayed to some smoky, sultry love song.

Paul settled back in his chair and tried to be patient, but his body ached for his lover’s touch. He stood abruptly and moved his cock to a more comfortable position. His fingers lingered on his engorged shaft and he shuddered from a jolt of pleasure when he thumbed the leaking tip. Eran better hurry the fuck up or he’d start without him!

He gave his dick a squeeze then pulled his hand out of his pants and marched purposefully to the back of the coffee shop. Eran had his hands buried in a sink full of soapsuds but turned his head to meet Paul’s kiss as Paul came up behind him. Paul molded his body to Eran’s and slid his hands down his darling’s arms into the hot water. He caressed his lover’s skillful fingers, enjoying the erotic slipperiness of Eran’s skin in the soap. Fuck the party! A tub full of bubbles and scented oils and Eran’s naked body was in order.

He pulled his hands from the water and wrapped Eran in his arms, ignoring his protest as water dripped on the floor. Reaching down, he cupped Eran’s balls through his soft jeans with a hand that shook and squeezed the hard length of his cock. He gloried in Eran’s moan as he fumbled with the buttons on the tight pants.

He blinked, confused, when Eran pushed back against him. “What?”

Eran turned in his arms and Paul almost couldn’t breath at the flash of passion in his beautiful blue eyes. He was hypnotized by the pulse beating rapidly in Eran’s slim neck. Eran kissed him hungrily, then moved his lips to Paul’s ear. “Darling, take me home. Shelton will understand if we don’t make it to the party.”

Hell, yes!

Paul helped with the last of the dishes, cursing when he splashed more water on the floor in his haste. Shoving the last dish in a cupboard and moping up the water, he hustled a laughing Eran quickly into his coat and out of the coffee shop. He stopped abruptly on the sidewalk when he saw the snow that had piled up around his car. “God damn it!”

Eran grinned widely. “I’ll take that as a compliment.”

Paul looked at him and his chest swelled with love. Eran was ethereally beautiful in the amber light from the streetlamps. A few snowflakes landed in his dark hair. Paul clasped his darling’s chilled hands. “I wanted this night to be special,” he confessed softly. “I love you so much and I wanted our first New Year’s Eve to be something you’d remember.” He smiled impishly. “I also wanted my tongue down your throat at midnight.”

“I bet you did.” Eran tugged on Paul’s hands. “Come on. I know a place we can go.”

Paul followed without a word as Eran led him by the hand down the snowy sidewalk. After a block he heard the relentless beat of disco music on the air. Eran quickened his pace and in minutes they were bathed in the neon lights of a dance club. Music washed over them and Paul’s mood lightened as Eran pulled him through the open doors. A kaleidoscope of light and sound filled Paul’s senses. He hardly noticed when Eran thrust some rumpled bills at the girl behind the counter. Bodies crushed against them as his lover dragged him to the center of the dance floor and flung his arms around his neck.

“I love you, Paul!” Eran shouted over the babble of voices and loud music. The music shut off suddenly and the crowd shrieked the countdown to midnight. Paul looked into the sparkling, merry eyes of his darling. He was hardly able to believe he had this lovely, precious man in his life. He bent to Eran’s inviting lips and began their New Year’s kiss a few seconds early.

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Raised by an abusive father, Eran shies away from intimacy until a lovely stranger walks into his life. Paul, intensely attracted to the shy, sensual young man, wonders if he can risk his heart one more time to be the friend and lover Eran obviously needs. In this story, Paul is stood up Christmas Eve by the beautiful Eran. He returns to the coffee shop where Eran works to demand an explanation, only to have his anger dissolve in a flood of compassion when he finds Eran bruised and hurting from stepping between his sister and her abusive husband. It’s only through tenderness and love that Paul coaxes the shy man out of his shell and into his heart and arms.


Paul rested his chin on his hand and stared into the stained bottom of his espresso cup. People came and went in the coffee shop around him, but their laughter and bright conversation only underscored his loneliness.


He played the events from Christmas Eve over in his mind, coming to the same conclusion as before: Eran had set him up to make a fool of him. What other explanation could there be? Damn it. He’d waited half an hour for the man to show while the snow piled up on the sidewalks and his face grew numb with cold.


He’d finally gone back into the coffee shop, only to learn that Eran had slipped out the back way and gone home. Paul ran a hand over his face and through his brown curls. Why had he come back when the man who fueled his fantasies ignored him and ultimately snubbed him?


Paul picked up the small cup, then remembered it was empty and set it carefully on its saucer. He’d deliberately chosen a table in the section Eran routinely waited on, only to watch the graceful body approach every table but his.


A mocking smile touched his lips. What else did I expect? He’d come to the shop tonight to demand an answer. Maybe this is it. Eran clearly wasn’t interested and Paul was too dense to take the hint.


He glanced at his watch. The shop had closed ten minutes ago, and the last of the customers were walking out the door. Just great. He shoved the cup and saucer away from him and swore as they shot off the end of the table. He started to rise to his feet, only to sit back heavily as Eran came over. “Let me get that for you.”


Paul’s mouth went dry as Eran bent over. White skin showed where Eran’s shirt separated from the low-cut jeans and Paul instantly wanted to know its taste. Eran knelt to get the cup that

had rolled under the table and Paul’s cock perked up, pushing painfully against his slacks as the tight jeans slipped lower on Eran’s hips. Paul imagined sliding his tongue into the warm cleft of Eran’s ass and shivered.


His gaze roamed over the creamy skin, then froze at the sight of an ugly bruise spreading from Eran’s hip up under his shirt. He must have made a sound because Eran glanced at him, his blue eyes widening at whatever was showing in his face.


Paul forced his hands to unclench. “Who hurt you?” he demanded, not caring that Eran had made it plain he didn’t want Paul in his life.


The beautiful eyes blinked several times; then Eran glanced hastily around the deserted coffee shop. They were alone except for the girl Eran worked with, who from the sound of it was busy washing dishes in the back room.


Eran climbed stiffly to his feet and Paul jabbed a finger at the chair opposite him, relieved when Eran sat down without argument. Paul leaned across the table only to have Eran inexplicably start back, then flush and stare at his clasped hands, his chest heaving.


Pity and anger tightened Paul’s heart. If that hadn’t been a conditioned response… Someone’s been hitting this boy, often. He choked back his fury. He’d have to tread very carefully here.

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Paul has no doubts. He wants Eran in his life. But can Eran, a young man from an abusive background, come to terms with his fears so he can have a future with this man he loves?


Paul woke up, stretched, and smiled at the sunlight on the ceiling. He didn’t have to guess why he was so happy. The warmth of Eran’s body next to him in bed was all the reason he needed. Disappointments in the past made him treasure the time he had with this lovely man. He turned on his side and laughed softly. Eran had stolen all the blankets, as usual, and rolled up tightly. Only the tip of a pert nose and Eran’s lush mouth were showing.

Paul edged closer, unable to resist the new hoops snug in Eran’s full bottom lip, emphasizing the plump delight. Eran’s warm breath fanned his cheek and he ran his tongue along the silver trinkets and sucked them gently into his mouth.  Oh god! He recalled the hardness of the metal over his shaft last night as Eran swallowed him down. He shuddered at a surge of lust and brushed his lips against Eran’s, seeking entrance. Eran sighed sleepily, accepting Paul’s tongue into the warm honey of his mouth.

“Mmm…so good,” Eran murmured once Paul let him breathe, a smile curling his lips. He opened his pretty blue eyes and tried to wiggle out of the blankets. Paul took advantage of his immobility and pinned him to the bed with his body. He deepened their kiss, tongues sliding and tangling as he searched out all the sweet corners. Eran sucked on his tongue and Paul hardened, the metal hoops in Eran’s lip driving him wild to feel them on him again.

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  1. Mmmmm! Lovely stuff. ☺️ Sexy and tender all at once. Another for my TBR list. Thank you.

    Happy New Year. x

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