Thursday’s Tasters

thurWelcome to the Thursday Tasters. Here you will find links to some awesome tasters of works written by awesome authors. Find the other tastes HERE

Here are a few more paragraphs from my current wip, THE SHED. In this scene, Scott and Arthur share their first kiss.

*  *  *  *

kiss4Scott searched Art Peters’ face. The man smiled broadly and winked at him. “Like?”

Laughing, Scott shook his head. “You’re outrageous, you know that?”

“So I’ve been told, but it seems to me you could use a little excitement in your life. And I can be very diverting if given the chance.”

“I’m sure you can be.” Without thinking Scott took hold of Arthur’s blue tie and tugged him closer, unable to resist his plump lips any longer. He brushed their mouths together and gasped at the unexpected lust that jolted him. He moaned, wanting suddenly to shove the lovely man against the wall and suck the sweetness off his tongue, lick out his mouth. He dropped a hand to the small of Arthur’s back to pull him into a tight embrace, deepen their kiss. The chime of the Library’s clock announced the half hour, recalling Scott.

He reluctantly pulled away, unconsciously licking his lips. “I have to go,” he murmured, touching Arthur’s glistening bottom lip with his thumb. “I’m already late.”

“Um…okay.” Arthur sounded slightly dazed, warming Scott’s heart. They walked back to the sidewalk and Arthur ran a hand through his curls, straightened his tie. He grinned when Scott raised a brow. “Can’t go in the shop looking like I’ve just been molested by an extremely sexy man. So, what time should I pick you up tonight?”


As a Certified Mental Health Therapist, Scott Reid has his share of interesting experiences, though nothing compares with the time he spends with the psychic, Alex Elson. Plagued by terrifying images and dreams, Alex turns to Doctor Reid in the hopes of learning to control his visions. Instead, Scott is pulled into Alex’s world, where dreams and reality mix and nightmares are real.

Two young men, brothers, have been abducted from the lake outside of Oakton without a trace of who took them. That is, until Alex receives a silver pocket watch in the mail belonging to the elder brother, a taunt from the kidnapper for Alex to come find them. Alex’s visions turn at once into nightmares. Images flash in his mind of an abandoned well and a terrified, lonely boy slowly dying at the bottom. The shed looms close by, holding a horrifying secret, a dark place Alex’s frightened mind refuses to go.

With the help of Scott Reid, Alex endeavors to control his visions and find the brutalized victims before death claims them. But the watch is ticking away and time’s running out.


About diannehartsock

Author of paranormal/suspense, fantasy/adventure, m/m romance and anything else that comes to mind. Oh, and a floral designer.
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8 Responses to Thursday’s Tasters

  1. Excellent I know you are working on it so when do you think it will be ready for us? Love the scene

  2. I like the last lines Arthur speaks, ” “Can’t go in the shop looking like I’ve just been molested by an extremely sexy man. So, what time should I pick you up tonight?”” Leaves me wanting to find out what happens that night. The interaction between Arthur and Scott keeps building.

  3. Naomi Shaw says:

    fires are burning and the heat is getting hotter. I love this taster

  4. Love the teaser and man, you make me want to climb into the scene! Too yummy!

  5. creewalker says:

    Growing love 🙂

  6. wow, home run. the heat sizzles between these two

  7. jorja says:

    Very cute scene 😉

  8. brantwijn says:

    😀 I love the romance between these two! Great job.

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