Hearts on Fire Valentine’s Hop!

HeartsOnFireBUTTON2014Welcome to the Hearts on Fire Blog Hop!

Lots of delicious prizes to be won, including this grand prize!


Gorgeous heart pendant with a 20 carat lab ruby and 14k gold chain PLUS signed paperbacks from each author  – entire series by Victoria and Kym.
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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Here’s a hot little flash fiction to start your week!


builtTad ached to be touched. This is ridiculous!

“Nice, darling. Now turn around. Show me that pretty ass.”

Tad stared at the wall, trying to ignore his twitching cock at the intoxicating whir of the camera. He hadn’t known he’d respond to it like this. “Hurry. Rob’ll be home any…”

Shit! A key rattled in the front door. Tad dove for his clothes. His head popped through the collar of his shirt as the door opened. Dammit! He should have put his boxers on first.

Rob came into the room, and stopped. His glance went from Steve to Tad’s half naked self. “What’s going on?”

Steve raised his hands. “I was only taking pictures. No sampling. Promise.”

Tad’s heart thumped. “It was supposed to be a surprise. I wanted to send a picture each night you’re gone on that business trip.”

“Oh.” Rob’s gaze raked over him, making his dick jump. “On or off?”

“What? Oh, off. Definitely off.” Tad yanked the shirt over his head. His blood surged at the click of the camera as Rob pinned him to the wall.

Prize time! Comment below with your favorite Valentine’s Day tradition for a chance to win an e-copy of any book on my backlist. Don’t forget your contact info! Oh, and I’ll leave you with a little excerpt from my lovely Shelton series.

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sheltonspromisesample2Shelton’s Promise

Amazon   ARe Books

Shelton has a gift for Nevil but can’t seem to score a moment alone with him. Will Nevil ever let Shelton take him home?


He took another swallow of the numbing liquid, then looked at his glass, nearly empty again, and used both hands to set it on the coun­tertop. It hadn’t helped at all. He leaned over the sink, but refused to throw up. Shelton jumped when an arm suddenly went around his shoulders and was too surprised to struggle when he was dragged across the crowded kitchen and pushed through a doorway.

He squinted in the dim streetlight coming through a curtained window. Nevil slammed the door of the utility room and twisted the lock in the knob.

“What’s the matter?” Shelton asked, wincing at the slur in his voice. Nevil crossed to him in two strides. He shoved Shelton against the dryer and then gave him a hard, urgent kiss. Shelton turned his head away, and Nevil bit him on the lip.

“Ouch! What are you angry about?” Shelton asked, not liking the glare in Nevil’s eyes.

“You deserted me,” Nevil growled against his mouth. “Percy practically raped me on the couch, unable to keep his hands to him­self, apparently, and you weren’t even there to help. Some hero you are.”

“You can handle Percy without me,” Shelton asserted then yelped as Nevil gripped his arms. Shelton was confused when Nevil brutally kissed him, his tongue darting into his mouth. He bent Shelton back uncomfortably over the dryer and continued to plunder his mouth.

Shelton struggled slightly when Nevil dropped his hand to his groin. He squeezed Shelton through his slacks. Nevil gave a guttural laugh, stroking Shelton, his hold too tight to be comfortable. Damn. Nevil had never made Shelton feel cheap like this before.

It slowly rose through Shelton’s muddled brain that Nevil must be hurting and acting on it, probably from Shelton’s seeming indiffer­ence to Percy’s flirtations. It always surprised Shelton to find a chink in Nevil’s self-assurance.

Shelton pushed against Nevil, and the man stepped back, eyes dark with pain. Shelton placed a hand on Nevil’s heaving chest. He could feel the rapid heartbeat against his palm. A tear clung to Nev­il’s thick lashes, and Shelton swallowed his pride. “I love you, Nevil. Please, don’t make love to anyone else. It would break my heart.”

Nevil narrowed his eyes then hid his face against Shelton’s neck. “I’m a fool. I’m sorry. It’s just that I’ve never belonged to anyone be­fore.” He shrugged. “It makes me crazy when I think you don’t care.”

Shelton felt an unaccustomed thrill of power that this gorgeous, virile man wanted him only. Shelton put a finger under Nevil’s chin and raised his face for a tender kiss. Nevil sighed into Shelton’s mouth, warm hands sliding up Shelton’s back to urge him closer. Shelton gave in to Nevil willingly, molding his body against Nevil’s enticing heat. Desire flared through Shelton when he felt Nevil’s erec­tion against his hip bone.

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6 Responses to Hearts on Fire Valentine’s Hop!

  1. bn100 says:

    don’t have any traditions

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

  2. We cook steak at home because I don’t do crowds. And tomorrow I will go get my chocolate..lol.

  3. Hi! Happy Valentines! I dont have one. We dont really celebrate Valentines. Thank you for the amazing giveaway!

  4. Trix says:

    I always bake something chocolaty!


  5. I just love spending the entire day with my family.

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