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thurWelcome to the Thursday Tasters. Here you will find links to some delicious snippets of stories written by awesome authors. Find the other tastes HERE!

Here’s a bit more of Ashton and Lance from STUCK ON REWIND. I left out some of the more naughty bits…

*  *  *  *

Lance giggled and thrust his hips into Trey and the man laughed impishly, pulling Lance’s lush body tight against him and nuzzling into his neck. Ashton stubbornly ignored the small pain in his heart as he retrieved his tie and slung it around the collar of his white shirt.

“Oh, Trey, you forgot your bowtie here yesterday,” Lance exclaimed, leaving Trey’s arms and crossing the room with a flash of white skin and black lace. Ashton couldn’t tear his gaze away from the slim, nearly naked body of his best friend as Lance rummaged through the pile of clothes on his mattress. He ached suddenly to push Lance face first onto the bed.

He jumped when Trey touched his arm. He’d forgotten all about the other man.

“Why don’t you tell him?”

A flush of heat swept through Ashton. “What do you mean?”

He shivered at Trey’s chuckle and met his gaze, expecting mockery. The rich brown eyes were warm, his smile fond. “I’ve known you, what, almost two years? You’re in love with him. Just tell him already.”

 They both jumped at a crash from across the room. Lance had his arms full of clothing and was shaking his head at the lamp he’d knocked off its stand. He dropped the bundle with a soft curse and bent to pick it up. Ashton sucked in a breath at the amount of flesh showing.

Trey’s warm breath tickled his ear. “Can’t tell me you don’t want that.”

Ashton jerked his shoulder away, heart beating madly. “Don’t be stupid. He’s my best friend. Period.”

“If you say so.” Trey coolly reached out and started knotting Ashton’s tie. Ashton swallowed, breathing in the warm, spicy scent of the man’s body. Why couldn’t he be like normal people, take what was freely offered? His heart sank. He wanted all or nothing with Lance, and so he had nothing.

“Thanks,” he muttered when Trey finished. “I’m off to work.”

“You going to fuck Clark Kent instead?”


“Kent. Your boss.” Trey leaned a hip against the vanity, crossed his arms on his chest. “You keep making the same mistake. You can’t have the man you want, so you try over and over with these other guys. You’re stuck on rewind, Ashton. Skip ahead. Lance is just waiting for you to say something, too insecure himself to start anything.”

Ashton ground his teeth. “Stop saying that.” He regretted the words instantly, sighing when anger flitted across Trey’s handsome face. He ran a hand through his hair, let out a frustrated breath. “Sorry. I know you want to help. But Lance…” He glanced across the room, warmth flooding his chest at the sight of Lance sitting on his bed, sorting through his socks. “I couldn’t share him,” he confessed sadly. “I keep telling myself I could, but it’s a lie.”

“Did you stop to think that maybe Lance would be faithful?’ Trey retorted, his voice bitter.

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4 Responses to Thursday Tasters

  1. I loved the stuck on rewind reference nice touch!

  2. I agree “stuck on rewind” brings the story imore validation for your title. Great interaction in this scene. Will they ever admit their attractions?

  3. Naomi Shaw says:

    I love the descriptions, especially ‘stuck on rewind’ Great taster

  4. chickie434 says:

    Awww, I love Trey! Such a good friend.

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