Thursday Tasters

thurWelcome to the Thursday Tasters. Here you will find links to delicious snippets of stories written by some wonderful authors. Find the other tasters HERE!

Here’s a bit more from SAMMY, my story for the Project Fierce, Chicago, Anthology. All proceeds from the sale of this book will go towards helping homeless LGBTQ youth. In this snippet, John finally takes Sammy home with him.

* * * *

Sam chuckled, not even trying to hide his amusement. He couldn’t help it! The guy was adorable. And sexy, biting his plump lips as he tried to fit the key in the lock with shaking hands. Sam would have offered to help, but he was having too much fun watching the blush sweep up his neck. He choked when the dude dropped his keys and bent over, presenting his ass in their snug jeans. Sam itched to slap that rounded treat, but somehow kept his hands in his coat pockets. John wasn’t just some trick. He definitely had Sam intrigued, for better or worse.

A frown wrinkled his forehead as he watched the color come and go in his attractive face. Why was he so embarrassed? Was he really that nervous to be with him? God, that was hot. He edged a little closer, not touching, but John only had to lean back to be in his arms. He heard his breath hitch, saw the quick rise and fall of his chest. Raising his hand, he gently brushed the brown curls to one side and placed a kiss behind his ear. John jumped and Sam could swear he moaned slightly. Christ, it would be delicious to undress him, search out all the sensitive places on his body. He might even do the guy for free, just to find them all.

The man finally got the door unlocked. “Come on in,” he said and pushed his way inside. Sam sauntered after him, keeping up his slightly bored facade though he tingled with unexpected excitement. This was one fuck he might actually enjoy. The apartment was your typical dreary two bedroom, but the green sofa in the living room looked soft and comfortable. Christ, he could curl up on that and sleep for a week.


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Author of paranormal/suspense, fantasy/adventure, m/m romance and anything else that comes to mind. Oh, and a floral designer.
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6 Responses to Thursday Tasters

  1. Mangus Khan says:

    I really finding this story interesting …. I cant wait to the next segment

  2. Don Abdul says:

    The story reels you in bu the inch. It promises even more heat as the scene unfolds… Marvellously written too. Well done!

  3. Naomi Shaw says:

    Sexy.The way you have portrayed the attraction leaves me eager to read on. Great taster

  4. His attraction overwhelms my senses, like with these lines. “Christ, it would be delicious to undress him, search out all the sensitive places on his body. He might even do the guy for free, just to find them all.” I’d love to have been watching them as the guy tries to unlock the door. I almost laughed but it was truly erotic.

  5. creewalker says:

    I love Sam’s personality. It is unique, very individual. Great Taster.

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