Thursday Tasters

thurWelcome to the Thursday Tasters. Here you will find links to delicious snippets of stories written by some wonderful authors. Find the other tasters HERE!

Here’s a bit more from SAMMY, my story for the Project Fierce, Chicago, Anthology. In this bit, John takes Sammy home.

*  *  *  *

“Come on honey, let me get you home.”

“No. I want to dance some more.” Pouting, Sam flung off his arm and headed for the dance floor, promptly tripping when his pink pumps caught on the uneven flooring. He giggled when John helped him up. “Okay, maybe you’re right.” He gave John a sly look. “We can do a different kind of dancing there.”

John swallowed hard. “Sure.” Remembering the cold night, he slipped an arm around Sam’s slim waist, loving the silky feel of his dress under his fingertips as he guided him to the bar and asked for a cab. Sam’s straying fingers teased him until the driver showed up at the door, and John quickly pulled Sam through the crowd to join him.

Sam snuggled against him for the short ride to his apartment. John flushed under the driver’s smirk when he paid him, then forgot all about him when Sam took his hand and tugged him towards his apartment door. The guy hummed, still keyed up, and John began to worry he wouldn’t be able to resist if Sammy played up to him like he had the last time they’d been together.

His doubt was confirmed when the door to the apartment closed behind them and Sam shoved him against the wall, seized his mouth in a kiss that sent his pulse rioting in his ears. The sweet tongue fenced with his, dissolving his defenses. Wicked fingers trailed down his body and he cried out when his cock was squeezed and held in a firm grip. It took all his will to push the guy back. “Christ, Sam! Let a man breathe.”

“But I want to make you choke,” Sam countered, thrusting his hips against John.

John stifled a groan. “Come to the couch, bad boy.”

Quick as a flash, fury swept over Sam’s pretty face. “Fuck that! You pulled me away—”

They both jumped when a door banged open behind them. “What the hell?”


About diannehartsock

Author of paranormal/suspense, fantasy/adventure, m/m romance and anything else that comes to mind. Oh, and a floral designer.
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8 Responses to Thursday Tasters

  1. I love it! Can’t wait to get it

  2. Naomi Shaw says:

    Oh heck! You can’t leave it there. What happened?!! Sammy still wants to dance. John wants more but something is stopping both. I need to know what. Great taster!!

  3. You teased me enough. I need to know who came through the door. Delightfully wicked with the rapid pace. Sammy is a lovable character. Please continue.

  4. Mangus Khan says:

    Nice imagery ….I like how the storyline is easily followed….well done

  5. Don Abdul says:

    Oh you wicked tease. Lol
    The fluid grace og the story and your great tease make this such a complelling taster. Like all other readers, I’m dying to know what’s stopping them from really getting into it… I bet the taste of the pudding is in the eating…. of the full helping 😉

  6. Muffy Wilson says:

    “……seized his mouth in a kiss that sent his pulse rioting in his ears..” My heart is racing. Who is at the door? Loved the pace, tempo, urgency and descriptions in this Taster, Diane. Simply Yummy. xo

  7. creewalker says:

    Tense. 🙂

  8. Jake Malden says:

    You bring a real freshness to this situation with the way you phrase it. Tense, as Cree says, and in more ways than one. Lots of sexual and dramatic tension…

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