A to Z Challenge!

Welcome to the A to Z Challenge! Today’s letter is F…

Legendary Creatures

 firedrake_copyFire Drake
The fire drake is the classic European dragon, found in Celtic and Germanic mythology and folklore. Fire drakes normally lived in caves or fissures in the ground leading to somewhere hot. Adventurers were often drawn to the fire drake’s lair because it was believed these creatures hoarded great treasures. Depicted as having four legs and the ability to breathe fire, fire drakes were almost impossible to kill. Known heroes that succeeded were Beowulf against the dragon Grendel, and Sigurd against the dragon Fafnir.

Dragons have always been mythical figures, capturing the imaginations of cultures all around the world. Traditionally they combined the powers of all four elements, in their ability to fly (air), breathe fire (fire), swim (water) and live in caves or underground (earth). Western dragons appear in a number of early literary classics for noble heroes to overcome.

Usually depicted as being very large reptilian creatures with huge claws, they sometimes also possessed anywhere from one to three horns on their heads. They were notoriously solitary, extremely intelligent with very acute eye sight, and normally spoke all languages.

pic by Hayley M Lazo

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2 Responses to A to Z Challenge!

  1. Awesome choice for “F”. I’ve always loved dragons, and the fire ones were always the best. ^_~

  2. Liz Brownlee says:

    Oh, and also, they seem eminently believable! So many caves and crannies… so many myths!

    ~Liz http://www.lizbrownleepoet.com animal poems and facts, and info about my assistance dog, Lola!

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