Thursday Tasters

thurWelcome to the Thursday Tasters. Here you will find links to delicious snippets of stories written by some wonderful authors. Find the other tasters HERE!

Thought I’d start a different book today. Here’s the beginning to my zombie story THE DARK BOKOR that came out last October. Enjoy!

*  *  *  *
TheDarkBokar453“Don’t move.”

Jesse froze, heart pounding in the semidarkness, as an arm like a steel band clamped around his chest, holding him immobile against a hard body. A warm exhale fanned his neck, sending a not-unpleasant shiver through him. The man drew in a breath, nose nuzzled at his nape, and heat pooled instantly in Jesse’s gut. Shit. Had it really been that long since he’d been in someone’s arms?

The cold voice in his ear thawed with a slight laugh. “At least you don’t smell like them. That’s something.”

Jesse’s pulse leaped, and his gaze darted around the small office, searching the shadows.”Are they here?”

“No.” A hand tangled in his shirt, jerked him around to face his captor. “But I know your voice. Just who the fuck are you?”

Jesse blinked at the dark gaze raking over his face. He couldn’t see much in the faint light seeping through the closed window blinds. The man had strong features, classically handsome, with a twist of humor to the full lips that had Jesse moistening his own, though he’d have to stand on tiptoe to reach them.

The man swore under his breath and hauled Jesse toward the windows. “Can’t see a thing…”

The blinds went up, and Jesse winced as yellow streetlight flooded the room and stung his eyes. He would have laughed at the man’s yelp of surprise if disgust hadn’t immediately swept the attractive face. “Jesse Dalembert? What the bloody hell… Who sent you?” Matt held up a hand. “Wait, don’t tell me. If you’re here, it must have been Andre Marques. Where’s he keeping his skinny ass these days?”

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Author of paranormal/suspense, fantasy/adventure, m/m romance and anything else that comes to mind. Oh, and a floral designer.
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7 Responses to Thursday Tasters

  1. Naomi Shaw says:

    Oh, now I need to know more about Andre Marques and why he speaks of him with such distaste. Excellent taster

  2. Denise Z says:

    What a great meme, I am looking forward to checking out some of the links and reading some taster treats. Thank you for sharing with us.

  3. Muffy Wilson says:

    Dianne this was so cleverly written. “…raked his face…exhale fanned his neck…thawed with a slight laugh…” I could go on and on. And that was in just a few paragraphs! Your writing is just soooo visual, tactile. I loved it. xo

  4. You have vivid physical descriptions about Jesse that are remarkable. You have drawn me into the story with this short scene. I’d like to know how Andre plays into Jesse’s presence in the office. I love your writing.

  5. Great taster …I need to know more thank you for sharing

  6. Great taster. ..I really need to know more

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