Thursday Tasters

thurWelcome to the Thursday Tasters. Here you will find links to delicious snippets of stories written by some wonderful authors. Find the other tasters HERE!

Here’s a little bit more of my zombie story THE DARK BOKOR that came out last October. Enjoy!

*  *  *  *

TheDarkBokar453Matt frowned, knowing he was a prick for being happy that Andre was no longer in the picture. But he’d never completely gotten over his fierce attraction to Jesse. His body heated as he recalled the few times he’d held Jesse in his arms, stolen a few kisses. But then he’d invariably remember that Andre had staked his claim and keep Jesse safely at arm’s length with his derision, though the man actually intrigued him. He wanted to know all about him, his connection with hoodoo, his life as one of the more well-known artists in San Francisco, what he liked from his lover in bed.

The shower turned off, and Matt rose quickly from the couch. The least he could do was offer the man something to wear. Hurrying down the hallway, he was startled when the bathroom door opened and Jesse almost stepped into him.

“Oh, sorry.” Jesse blinked, flustered, sexy as hell with the towel clutched at his waist. The rope of black hair he usually kept tied off his neck hung in soft ringlets to his shoulders. The dark, liquid eyes in his fine-boned face must have come from his Haitian mother; they were wide, vulnerable. The dawning interest as they swept Matt’s body caught him on fire.

In awe he touched the tattoo on the slim column of Jesse’s neck, followed with his eyes the swirl of mystic symbols inked into the leanly muscled chest, disappearing beneath the drooping towel. Without thinking he flicked a thumb over the tiny barbell in Jesse’s left nipple, delighted in the shudder that ran through the gorgeous body so close to him.
Jesse gasped, and Matt glanced up and instantly kissed the full, parted lips, dipped his tongue into the sweet warmth of his mouth. He pulled reluctantly away, head swimming from the lust pounding through him, making it hard to think.

“Sorry,” he stammered, confused by his lack of control. “Bastard of me to do that when you’ve just lost your lover. Let me get you some clothes.”


When it comes to the dark weavings of hoodoo magic, only a few can survive.

It’s started. Bodies have been found in the French Quarter, torn limb from limb. The undead have been seen walking. For Detective Matthew Rieves, this is the worst news he can imagine. Having spent his entire life in Orleans Parish, Matt’s no stranger to the bizarre. Though, despite the growing evidence, he still has a hard time believing in the occult. But when two hoodoo bokors vie for supremacy, it’s the innocent civilians that pay the price.

For Jesse Dalembert, he’d left New Orleans to sever his ties with hoodoo. But when a friend is brutally murdered by the bokor’s zombies, he returns, falling at once into danger and into Detective Rieves’s bed. With their lives on the line, their simmering attraction flares into a passion they can no longer deny.

Working against time, can the lovers find a way to stop the hoodoo war, or will they fall victim to the dark magic, maybe becoming zombies themselves?

About diannehartsock

Author of paranormal/suspense, fantasy/adventure, m/m romance and anything else that comes to mind. Oh, and a floral designer.
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4 Responses to Thursday Tasters

  1. Naomi Shaw says:

    Love this taster. Your descriptions of Jesse are so sexy and thei kiss is so sensual. I’d love to learn more of this story

  2. Gemma Parkes says:

    He didn’t seem to meet with much resistance so maybe that delicious kiss was a welcome surprise! great excerpt, very descriptive.

  3. Your excerpt caught my attention with avid interest. The descriptions accurately vivid, almost making me wish I was the who kisssed him.

  4. Jake Malden says:

    Hoodoo and m/m passion – I think you may have cornered a market here, Dianne. Very well-written. Sounds like your supernatural detective story is going to be grounded in a very convincing setting.

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