Sissling Summer Reads Party!

ssr2014The beach is calling and it’s time once again for our SIZZLING SUMMER READS (SSR) PARTY!

DATE: June 1 to 30, 2014

PRIZES: Grand Prize: $100 GC. Other Prizes: GCs, book giveaways, etc.


There are 4 ways to participate:

Method # 1: Book giveaway (8 credits admin fee OR help promote the event)

Method # 2: Purchase a TRR SSR Party Author Ad Package worth 80 68 credits (limited slots)

Method # 3: Purchase a TRR SSR Party Author Ad Package + Social Media Package worth 120 78 credits (limited slots)

Method # 4: Purchase a TRR SSR Party Big Banner Ad Package worth 300 250 credits (3 slots)


For more details on each of the methods discussed above, please click on this link for more information:

New instructions for book giveaways and to purchase the ad packages, so please check out the link above.

DEADLINE: May 20, 2014

For questions and clarifications, please send Carol an email at . Due to the expected huge volume of email, please allow her to get back to you within 10 days before sending a follow up email.

Please feel free to forward to your author groups and whoever you think might be interested.

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