Bringing Sexy Back! Blog Hop

sexybackThe Bringing Sexy Back blog hop is for some fun. Each writer will tell us, other than body, what makes a man/woman sexy!

Hello! Welcome to the Bringing Sexy Back blog hop, where we’re supposed to tell what makes men/women attractive, but it has to be something not attached to their yummy looking bodies.

I have to admit this stumped me for a moment. I’m usually first attracted to a bright smile or a gorgeous set of eyes. Who am I kidding! I find people fascinating and am drawn to all kinds of things about them.

But something not physical? I suppose that would be an attractive laugh. Especially from someone out of sight. If it makes me smile in sympathy, even better. I’ve been known to leave the table or cross a crowded room to see who’s so carefree or having such a good time they can laugh like that.

Wait! There’s another laugh I find so much more attractive. It’s that low, intimate laugh across a table or next to you on the couch, joyous, satisfied, letting you know they’re exactly where they want to be and who they want to be with. And what they hope to be doing soon…

That’s the sound that melts my bones and turns me into a quivering mass of jello and need.

PRIZE TIME! Please let me know what you find most attractive in a person for a chance to win an e-copy of any book on my backlist. Don’t forget your contact info!

Here’s a little snippet from my latest release STUCK ON REWIND where Ashton finds many things about Lance attractive: Buy HERE!

StuckonRewindThe shower turned off, and Ashton climbed to his feet. Lance had better have saved him some hot water.

Hearing the click of the door as he crossed the hardwood flooring, Ashton glanced up and gaped when Lance came waltzing into the room, absolutely naked. He’d never fucked his friend, but Jesus, the man was gorgeous, from his rounded ass and sleek muscles to the lovely cock sitting up, waiting to be licked. Ashton’s heart pounded. He never could find the words to describe the perfection of Lance’s face, wet tendrils of ash-blond hair caressing his chin.

Lance noticed his stare and made a beeline for him, a naughty smile curling his full lips.

“Hey, beautiful. Saved you some hot water,” Lance drawled, gaze traveling leisurely over Ashton’s body. He stepped closer and nibbled Ashton’s ear. “We could have showered together if you want to conserve water.”

Ashton pushed him back with a laugh, though his heart fluttered at how good Lance smelled. But starting an affair with his mercurial roommate was not a good idea, on a million levels.

“I can manage the water bill just fine, honey,” he murmured, distracted by a pale nipple on his friend’s sculpted chest. Lance didn’t do body art, but Ashton could picture a tiny silver hoop through the pink flesh. Breathless, he touched the small nub and watched in awe as it hardened under his fingernail.

Lance’s soft moan recalled him, and he snatched his hand away. His gaze swept up to meet the fire in Lance’s light blue eyes. As if Lance couldn’t help it, he pressed a kiss to his forehead. Ashton felt the quick beat of his friend’s heart when he pressed against him, his cock rubbing along Ashton’s hip.

“Why won’t you fuck me?” Lance murmured, raining light kisses on Ashton’s cheeks. “You’ve wanted to for years.” Laughter and lust thickened his voice. “I wouldn’t mind.”

It took all Ashton’s willpower to nudge the tempting man away. “Not a good idea, honey.”

Lance gave him a strange look, and then a dark flush crept up his neck. He glanced away, but not before Ashton caught the pain in his eyes. “I understand.”

Ashton grabbed his arms, needing to stop that train of thought right now. “No, I don’t think you do. When I’m involved with someone, I don’t share. You know that. Do you really want to give up your other men for me?”

“We don’t have to be involved—”

“Lance! You’re my best friend. Of course we’d be involved.” He tucked Lance’s light hair behind his ears. “At least I’d be.”

A small grin twitched Lance’s lush mouth. “Me too. I’m already half in love with you.”
Ashton rolled his eyes, trying for playful, when he really wanted to crush Lance in his arms. But he had to protect his heart. “Oh God. I’m taking a shower.”

He walked away, praying Lance wouldn’t stop him. It was one thing to say no to the lovely man, quite another to ignore the beautiful cock drawing circles in precum on his hip.

“Seriously, this is best,” he told the ache in his balls as he closed and locked the bathroom door.

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  1. parisfanca says:

    the quality i find most attactive is honesty

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