Flash Fiction Holiday Blog Hop!!

thorny3Welcome to my little niche in this fabulous holiday blog hop, where we’re sharing stories inspired by the picture below. Enjoy!



at-the-shop“Merry Christmas!”

Dan hesitated in the doorway as he came out of the store, bemused, looking adorable. Bastard. Henry shifted his weight and Dan’s blue gaze found him behind the others. Something flared in those light depths. Lust? Anger? But then Dan’s polite mask fell into place.

“Hello, Auntie. Merry Christmas,” he said in his attractive voice, the one that had Henry weak-kneed and trembling in the pantry more than once the previous year. Henry shivered, remembering the breathy whispers in the dark, the smell of sweat and semen and spilled cinnamon heavy in the air.

Father pushed to the front, gripped Dan’s hand. “Missed you at the house, son. Coming by later? Presents at eleven, as usual.”

Had to hand it to dear old Dad. Though Dan had been adopted by Father’s erstwhile sister, the man always made sure Dan knew he was part of the family.

Dan glanced at Henry, but his thick lashes lowered, hiding the expression in his eyes. “Thank you, sir. I’ll try.”

“See that you do.” Father leaned in to whisper, though his voice carried back to Henry. “I’m making the eggnog.”

Henry’s two sisters hugged Dan, Cindy throwing Henry a dirty glance before f0llowing the parents into the department store. Never should have confided in her, but he’d missed Dan more than usual this past year, and in a moment of weakness confessed his sins.

Henry stood alone with Dan, his breath creating fog between them. Dan shoved his hands into his jacket pockets, cap pulled low on his dark head. Didn’t keep Henry from wanting to get into his pants, fish out that thick cock he could already taste. Henry moistened his lips and heard Dan swear under his breath.

“Hey,” Henry said. Awkward as hell.

Dan scowled, glancing at the over-bright lights on the storefront. Henry took a step toward him and Dan threw up a hand. “Listen. I can only apologize so many times, then I just want to punch that pretty face of yours.”

Henry let out his breath in a hiss, frustrated. “I didn’t ask for an apology. I want you to listen for a change.”

Dan leaned against the stone wall, arms crossed, gaze cool. “I’m all ears.”

Henry’s pulse raced and he hoped Dan didn’t notice how tight his jeans had suddenly become. Dan had always been hot, but this bad boy attitude he affected was devastating.

Dan lifted a brow, then his face darkened. “Okay Henry, I overstepped the rules last year and tried to see you after the holiday. Fine. Forget about it. This is my last year here anyway, then you won’t be seeing me ever again. Promise.”

Fear twisted Henry’s gut and his voice came out a choked whisper. “What do you mean?”

Dan’s lips thinned to the impatient line Henry hated. “We graduate this year, man. Think I’m staying around here? Think again. I’m taking a job where it never snows.”

“This is nice.” Henry motioned to the city street, bright with Christmas lights and glittering trees. Snow floated through the cold air in large flakes, blanketing the sidewalks.

“Yeah, and it’s going to dip below freezing tonight. Give me a warm beach and bright moonlight every time.” His hot gaze slipped over Henry’s body muffled in coat and gloves. His lips curled into a leer. “You in a red Speedo.”

Heat flushed through Henry, knowing Dan referred to the red bikini underwear he’d worn on Christmas Eve last year for Dan to open. The families came together every Christmas for three days, and for the last three years he and Dan had been finding excuses to slip away, using each other in fumbling lust and messy passion. But only for those days. They’d agreed to that from the beginning. The families would freak!

Dan moved suddenly, pushing him back against the brick wall. He ground his obvious arousal against Henry’s hip, Henry’s cock hardening in response. Dan gave him a rough kiss, nipping his lips. “Was it so terrible of me to call in January? Fuck, Henry! I wanted to see you. No one else can—”

He broke off, averting his face. “But I guess your silence was my answer. Here, this is for you.” He stuffed a package in Henry’s coat pocket. “See you around, Henry. Or not.”

Henry gaped at his retreating back as Dan went back into the department store. Probably saying goodnight to the parents. A tremor ran through him and he gasped at the empty hole where his heart should be. But that fickle organ was with Dan on its way somewhere without him. And that bastard hadn’t given him a chance to talk. Typical.

Shaking his head, he pushed through the heavy doors, following Dan inside. Henry spotted his family by the registers. Where was… Dan was in a corner, shoulders hunched, watching it snow through a frosty window. Henry’s heart thumped, drawing him irrevocably to Dan’s side. Maybe it wasn’t too late.

Coming up to him, he put his arms around Dan from behind.

“Something you want?” Dan asked, voice gruff. Was he crying? Henry peered over Dan’s shoulder, sucking in a breath at his lost expression.

“Would you really leave me?” he asked, clutching Dan to him. “I’m sorry I didn’t call you back. I wanted to, every damn day. But I was afraid.”

“I know, honey.” Dan faced him. “Did you look at my present?”

Henry pulled the tissue wrapped package from his pocket and tore it open. He snorted, holding up the skimpy red swimsuit. “Seriously?”

Fire kindled in Dan’s eyes. “Come with me,” he urged, pulling Henry to him. “Forget what the family says. When we graduate, come with me.”


Dan laughed. “Anywhere! Just…come with me.”

“Fuck yes.” Henry flung his arms around Dan’s neck and kissed him in the picture window for his family and every passerby to see. And if that put him on Santa’s naughty list, so be it.

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Happy Holidays!

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8 Responses to Flash Fiction Holiday Blog Hop!!

  1. Kris says:

    So good. What a great story!

  2. karihiga says:

    What a fun story! I love reading all the stories from the hop!

  3. Allison says:

    Absolutely made me smile! Thank you for being part of the hop, what a great treat!

  4. Jaycee Edward says:

    Whew! You had me at ‘sweat, semen and spilled cinnamon’. LOL! Thanks for a great, steamy little story!

  5. Cathy Brockman says:

    that was awesome!

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  7. Lovely story, thank you 🙂

  8. Zee says:

    What a sweet story! I love this line: “Henry shivered, remembering the breathy whispers in the dark, the smell of sweat and semen and spilled cinnamon heavy in the air.” Lovely and visceral. What a nice holiday treat. 😉

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