My Turn at #LQR

marcelLQR is a multi-author, themed, short story blog. What it means is, as a reader, you can expect each participating author to post one short story per month, which is somehow related to the theme of the month. November is for reflection and gratefulness.

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Sam took a sip of his Carmel Macchiato, almost groaning in appreciation as the flavor burst on his tongue and heat spread in his chest. He shivered in his damp clothes, wet from the sudden downpour outside the coffee shop. The afternoon had been gray and drizzly, and he’d decided to come in from the park a minute too late, caught in the cloudburst over Portland. Oregon was known for its rain, but he was sure sleet was mixed in with those heavy drops thundering on the rooftop.

“Hey Sammy, finish up, man. We close in five minutes.”

What? He glanced in confusion at the barista. It wasn’t even four o’clock yet. The guy shrugged, pointing to a sign by the register Sammy had missed.

“Thanksgiving, man. We’re closing early.”

Fantastic. He’d planned on spending the next couple of hours right there, nursing his drink and chatting up any familiar faces that wandered in. Should have gone to the 24 hour diner around the corner, could have found a booth to curl up in and sleep. But he’d been used hard the night before and wanted a treat. Stupid, since he’d spent his last cent on it.

He hunched over the cup in his hands, blew on the creamy surface of the coffee so the steam caressed his cold face. His clothes would never dry in five minutes. Besides, he’d be drenched again the second he stepped outside.

A gust of wind splattered rain against the picture window, emphasizing his point.

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