SWEET WILLIAM #rainbowsnippets

RAINBOW SNIPPETS (1)Welcome to Rainbow Snippets! Today, William tells a friend about Fredrick…

*  *  *

“Hello, beautiful.”

“Tiggy,” he said in relief and removed the straying fingers. “Are you trying to get us arrested?”

“Oh, pooh. Boston’s a bunch of fussy old women. When are you taking me home?”

William bit his lip at a twinge of guilt. Theodore was his best friend and sometimes lover. He’d promised him a good time in Boston but hadn’t given him so much as a passing thought this morning. First, there had been that tempting redhead for brunch and then Freddie….

He blinked when Theodore laughed. “Who is he?”

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William Wilkerson leads the life of the privileged rich. Head of his father’s shipping business, he indulges to his heart’s content in the pleasures of the flesh with Boston’s finest young men.
That is, until he reunites with Fredrick: his former tutor and the one man who captured his heart.
But William’s father has declared Fredrick off limits. And Fredrick, himself, believes he’s beneath the attention of the Wilkerson heir.
After having lost his current pupil to graduation, and with no prospects of a replacement, Frederick is homeless, hungry, and easy pickings for the men on the docks.
When Frederick is shanghaied into service on William’s own merchant ship, will William discover his plight in time to rescue him?

About diannehartsock

Author of paranormal/suspense, fantasy/adventure, m/m romance and anything else that comes to mind. Oh, and a floral designer.
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20 Responses to SWEET WILLIAM #rainbowsnippets

  1. Hahaha…William doesn’t have much of a poker face? 🙂

  2. Poor Theodore, bestowing his flirtatious pet names on such a hesitant object! 🙂 I loved this snippet, I already find myself liking both Theodore and William. 🙂 It builds up interest in Frederick, the man in the teaser, whom William once loved, as well.

  3. Louise Lyons says:

    Another nice snippet. Going to add this to my Kindle today!

  4. Alexa Milne says:

    It’s going to be difficult for him if his face is that obvious.

  5. Jana Denardo says:

    Looks like Tiggy knows him well.

  6. AM says:

    Hahaha! “Boston’s a bunch of fussy old women.” Yeah, it’s still kind of like that. LOL!

  7. P.T. Wyant says:

    It can be really hard to hide your thoughts from a best friend. (And I love the line about Boston. LOL)

  8. Seems like Tiggy knows him well! This sounds great!

  9. I liked this snippet. But the blurb really caught my eye. Off to the shop I go…

  10. amyraenbow says:

    I love the comfortable teasing between them.

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