Release Day! Honey and Heat, exclusive #excerpt and #review


Author: Rian Durant
Publisher: NineStar Press
Release Date: September 4, 2017
Cover Artist: Natasha Snow
Category: MM, Romance, Contemporary
Word Count: 60400


Linden has only one thing on his mind a few days away from Christmas—his pending university exams. That is, until he meets his neighbors’ son who has returned for the holidays. Brice Stevens is gorgeous, but he’s insufferable.

It’s Linden’s first love, and he falls hard for Brice, despite Brice’s occasionally aloof and cool behavior. It’s an emotional ride for both of them while Linden takes a crash course in real love and Brice learns to trust in a relationship.

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Exclusive Excerpt:

“Nonsense! You don’t deserve this.”  

Robbie gave him a tired smile. Linden was sure Robbie’s sleep last night wasn’t as sound as it looked and the thoughts that tortured him, much the same way they did Linden, were taking their toll. He sighed. 

“Maybe we should just go home and get some serious sleep before the next semester begins.”  

He tried to sound indifferent, but Robbie didn’t buy it. Of course he wouldn’t. Even without a supposedly clairvoyant grandmother, he was still the person who knew him best. Robbie stepped forward and touched his knee, then pushed it aside and slid between his legs.  

“And maybe we should’ve just settled for each other and lead that quiet sweet life I imagined with you at one time.”  

Linden nodded. “Judging by Jerry’s jeans, I doubt it you’d have been very impressed by what I have in my pants.”  

Both started laughing and Robbie clicked his fingers in front of Linden’s face. “I have a great idea. Let’s kiss and make them jealous, or just pretend to kiss if that bothers you.”  

It did bother him slightly. Robbie’s touch was multiplying his excitement, although he had never considered anything beyond friendship with him. He’d heard that at times like these it was easy to fall into such a trap, and he would never forgive himself if he did.  

“Okay, let’s see how good we are at acting.”  

He pulled him even closer, sucking in his breath when he felt the slight friction of Robbie’s arousal, then weaved his fingers through Robbie’s hair and tilted his head. Robbie placed a hand on his shoulder, and with his face only an inch from his he gave out a funny sound and declared, “I’m going to burst into laughter at any moment.”  

“Stand still now, it was your idea.”  

They pressed to each other and Linden cupped Robbie’s face in his palms so that anyone looking from more than a meter distance could see only one thing, especially given the kind of party they were at. There was even a branch of mistletoe over them.  

Before the minute had passed, a forceful pull wrung Robbie out of his arms.  

“What the fucking hell are you doing?”  


What a wonderfully delicious, sexy story! I’ve been following Rian’s writing career for some time now, and she doesn’t disappoint. Linden is a darling, hands down. Trying so hard to stay focused on impending exams and the craft projects he needs to finish for the Christmas holiday, Linden doesn’t have time for the ups and downs of a love affair. But Linden is nevertheless struck by lightning by the neighbor’s gorgeous son, home for the holiday season. And Brice is the man you love to hate, arrogant and beautiful, who can’t seem to get sweet Linden out of his mind. This story is a lovely duet with both men dancing around each other, tangling in emotions that sometimes brought me to tears, with an ending that makes the struggle worthwhile. I recommend this story to everyone who loves romance with just the right touch of angst and joy.


honeyandheat2Author Bio

Rian is one of those who are both blessed and cursed by the insatiable desire to write, primarily M/M (insert more Ms if you like) stories.

Always having a plot in mind is hard when having a day time job but Rian manages them currently, assisted by the priceless support of her soul mate, lots of coffee and pure obstinacy.

What makes Rian smile is anything that could be the reason for that spark in the eyes, accompanied by the exclamation: “Oh my, I just saw something!”



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Author of paranormal/suspense, fantasy/adventure, m/m romance and anything else that comes to mind. Oh, and a floral designer.
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