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Welcome to Rainbow Snippets! Enjoy snippets from a cool group of writers and bloggers. You might find historical fiction, YA, something sweet or something spicy, but the common thread is that all main characters will identify as LGBTQIA+

Here’s another snippet from MIRROR MAZE, coming soon from NineStar Press! Today, Jules leaves Cory more confused than ever…

*  *  *

He watched Jules join the men at the bright orange gate, slim body sexy as hell in his tight flashy barker’s uniform. The one with the purple hair slipped an arm around him as they entered the fairgrounds, but the other, the sleek redhead in brilliant green and blue, stared at Cory, holding him in place with his intense gaze.

Cory moved uneasily under his scrutiny and yet felt strangely excited by it. What did it mean? He should have been jealous of the other man’s closeness to Jules, the one with the purple hair, but instead, he was intrigued by it and found himself aroused by this other stranger’s interest in him. Heat pooled in his stomach as the man continued to watch him. Bewildered, he put the car in gear and swung around on the narrow road, gazing at the redhead intermittently through his rearview mirror until he was out of sight.

*  *  *


For Jules, the carnival is life, the other carnies his family, friends, lovers. He can’t think of anywhere else he’d rather be. But the carnival has a secret, that if found out, could bring an end to their ideal existence. What with falling in love with a local man, and a detective dogging their heels about the body found on the hill above the fairgrounds, his perfect life just might be changing, and he has no idea if it is for the better.

About diannehartsock

Author of paranormal/suspense, fantasy/adventure, m/m romance and anything else that comes to mind. Oh, and a floral designer.
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12 Responses to Mirror Maze #rainbowsnippets #amwriting #amediting #lgbtqia+

  1. Very intriguing. Makes me want to know more about the redhead. ❤️

  2. There’s a lot more going on there than Cory expects, I think.

  3. JLG says:

    That redhead is intriguing!

  4. smithandskarry1 says:

    Ooo, intriguing! I think Cory should be careful here!

  5. janadenardo says:

    Certainly makes me want to know more about the redhead

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