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Trails of a Lonely SpecterTrials of a Lonely Specter


March 16-17



A reluctant ghost at best, Quinn doesn’t like the haunts to which Liam takes him, always fearful of encountering a true medium in the paranormal groups investigating the houses, bent on seeing a ghost.

When Liam sets him up for such a meeting, Quinn breaks from him, not fully understanding the apparition’s cruelty. He’d thought they were friends. But despite his anger, when he believes Liam will go to the manor house without him, a house known to be haunted by a fearsome ghost, Quinn joins him, hoping to keep him from danger.

But it is Quinn himself who is in danger, not only from Betterford’s ghost, the mediums stalking him, but also from a secret Liam’s been keeping, making Quinn wonder if he’ll survive the longest haunt of his life.


Liam swept passed him, his skin luminescent in the pulsing blue light he’d created. Quinn watched enviously as he crossed the hallway and glided up the swaying staircase. His own efforts to produce an aura only resulted in dim blobs that people dismissed as figments of their imagination.

His friend’s glowing figure disappeared through the door at the top of the landing, and he hurried after him. His foot caught on a loose board as he entered the room and his dignity was bruised as he sprawled on his face. Liam’s amused laughter did nothing to help.

He climbed to his feet and stalked across the bare floor to a mirror propped against the wall, the only piece of furniture in the room besides a dusty wooden chair. He scowled at the mottled surface. “May I go home now?”

Liam appeared in the mirror and Quinn stared at his reflection. The same old questions raced around in his head. They were hard to ask with Liam’s mocking eyes on him. He swallowed nervously. “Am I a vampire?”

The unique eyes blinked, and then a grin flashed over the attractive face watching him. “Why do you ask that?”

Quinn gestured to the mirror. “I don’t see my reflection next to yours. I never do.”

Liam shrugged indifferently. “Your point?”

“I…” Quinn bit his lip, knowing it was now or never. “Were we ever alive?”


“Damn it, Liam! Why don’t I have a reflection?”

“You do. You choose not to see it. Maybe you don’t believe you’re really dead.”

Quinn sputtered at that, but fell silent when Liam lifted a hand for quiet. Glee suffused the ghost’s face. “They’re here,” he murmured portentously.

Quinn made a grab for his fading body. “You can’t leave me alone with them!”

Liam chuckled as he disappeared. Quinn braced as footsteps rustled on the staircase like scurrying rats.

“Liam?” he tried again.

“Hush,” the voice in his head warned him. “Don’t let them see you talking to yourself. It’ll scare them away, and the ladies from the Paranormal Club Auxiliary deserve a better haunt than that.”

“But…” Quinn shut his mouth and backed fearfully against the wall when the door flew open. There might be a true medium in the group, and sometimes their insistence on seeing him could tear his soul apart. He thanked God Liam had never exposed him to an exorcist. He winced at the rude laughter inside his head.


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Author of paranormal/suspense, fantasy/adventure, m/m romance and anything else that comes to mind. Oh, and a floral designer.
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