Whatever He Needs it OUT! #Review


Dimmy can’t trust the people who are supposed to love him and can’t wholly love the man who has stolen his heart.

Nightclub dancer, Dimmy Cirillo, is living a nightmare. He doesn’t want to be the boy-toy his father is pimping him out to be, but he has no way out.

Construction-company heir, Liam McAllister, wasn’t looking to become anyone’s white knight, but he couldn’t stop himself from helping the willowy, tattooed man who takes his breath away. But Liam isn’t out, and he won’t tell his father – the repercussions would be disastrous. His only truth is found in Dimmy’s love. 

If Liam waits too long to be the man he knows he should be, he risks losing Dimmy. Worse, Dimmy might fall back into his father’s clutches.

Both men have to face standing up for themselves and for their love. It’s the fight of their lives, and they have to win.

Here is an excerpt:

I slam my beer bottle on the bar and drop from my stool. I shove a path through the glittering rainbow bodies on the dance floor until I reach the center where Dimmy is crouched on the floor at the older man’s feet. His shiny hair is still snagged in the asshole’s fists, his head jerking back and forth with the guy’s annoyance.

“First the piercings and all the tattoos, and now this,” the older man shouts, so he can be heard above the Thompson Twins. “Come on, Dimitri. Why do you have to do shit like this? You’re always forgetting I gave you this,” he gestures to the cube, “and I can take it away.”

“I just—”

“Look at me and listen carefully. This is my hair, Dimitri.” He leans down and grasps Dimmy’s face in his hands, holding it so Dimmy is forced to gaze into the man’s eyes. The older man’s volume remains steady. “You should have asked me before you changed it.” He has the gall to chuckle. “I’m the only one in this family with an eye for color, right?”

“Sorry.” I strain to hear the meek response. “I-I’ll change it back, Dad.”

Dad? So this creep is the “big deal” manager of All the Feels Lounge. Dimmy’s soon-to-be pimp—if Alva’s got it right—and his father. Gregory Cirillo, trying to impose his will on such a free spirit.

“Okay, one more time because you’re a little bit…um, challenged. I let you know how to groom yourself.” His speech is insultingly slow. Apparently, Gregory doesn’t care who hears him chastise his son. He softens the verbal blow by once again laughing and even winking at Dimmy. “For Christ’s sake, kid, you wouldn’t know when to wipe your ass if I didn’t give you the green light.”

Dimmy closes his eyes, and it’s like somebody stuck a pin in him. He deflates into a pile of skin and bones on the floor. It kills me, and I don’t even know him.

“Now get back to work. Meet me in my office when you’re finished. Cash is tight this week. Your tips better impress me.”

The kid huddles on the floor until his father strides away. None of his fans from earlier in the night approach to help him to his feet, but I do. I step close and bend enough to offer my hand, which Dimmy accepts after glancing nervously around him. Once standing, he brushes the sticky hair from his face. This is when it happens. His hollow gaze meets my heated one. It’s like somebody struck a match in my heart and set it ablaze.

Now I know exactly what my type of man is.


Mia Kerick does not disappoint!

Mia kerick has long been one of my go-to authors when I want something special, and once again she delivers with Whatever He Needs. Dimmy is the beautiful, sensual go-go dancer at the bar Liam frequents, brave and broken, who yet tries every day to break out of the chains of abuse and exploitation his father binds around him. Liam, successful and self-confident, becomes a father figure to Dimmy, saving him from his father’s cruelty. And yet, as they come to know each other better, they realize their friendship and love has grown into something more. They not only complete each other, but raise each other up to become their more authentic selves. This is a story of how friendship and understanding can heal, and that even opposites can find lasting love.

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Author of paranormal/suspense, fantasy/adventure, m/m romance and anything else that comes to mind. Oh, and a floral designer.
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1 Response to Whatever He Needs it OUT! #Review

  1. Mia Kerick says:

    I love this review and what I particularly appreciate is that you see the friendship between Liam and Dimmy. Thanks for your thoughtfulness in these comments.

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