Nevil’s Resolution

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“Are you okay?”

Shelton blinked at the snow melting in his eyes. The sky looked amazingly blue overhead, but the sun on the snow was blinding and he patted around with gloved hands for his glasses. He smiled reflexively when Nevil’s face appeared in his line of sight.

“Shelton? Are you hurt anywhere?”

“No. Well, my pride, a little.”

Nevil knelt beside him and slipped an arm under his shoulders. Shelton gingerly sat up and took the opportunity to snuggle into the warmth of Nevil’s body. “Guess I shouldn’t have tried that jump.”

The concern in Nevil’s face turned to amusement. “You jumped beautifully, my dear. It’s your landing that needs work.”

Shelton gave him a wry look. “Thanks.” He leaned up and pressed his mouth to Nevil’s, sighing as the chilled lips parted eagerly. He forgot where they were, lost in the delicious taste of his darling until the crunch of snow from approaching skiers recalled him.

Nevil broke off their kiss with a chuckle. “Let’s get moving. There has to be a drier place for me to be kneeling at your feet.”

Shelton’s breath caught at a memory from the night before; Nevil kneeling naked at the hearth in their room, firelight playing over the sculpted muscles of his body. Shelton threaded his fingers through his lover’s hair and tugged him closer…

A gleam appeared in Nevil’s eyes and his voice roughened as he urged Shelton up. “Let’s get to the lodge. I’ve had enough skiing for one afternoon.”

Shelton labored to his feet in the cumbersome ski pants and heavy boots. He found his glasses and put them on, and watched with a twinge of jealousy as Nevil stepped effortlessly into his skis. He fumbled with his own until Nevil helped him, then followed his more experienced partner over the trail to the ski lift.

“Sure you’re okay?” Nevil asked as Shelton stretched the soreness from his back as they waited in the crowded line.

“Just a few aches, but that’s usual on my first ski trip of the year.”

“If you’re positive that’s all it is…”

Nevil’s thigh pressed tightly against his as they boarded the lift and were whisked back to the top of the run. Shelton grew slightly dizzy in the high altitude as Nevil insisted on stealing kisses on the way.

At the top they leisurely skied to the parking lot to catch the shuttle to the Winter Park Lodge, where Nevil had booked a room for the weekend. Shelton dropped his skis and boots at the rental kiosk in the lobby and slipped out of his heavy jacket. Nevil did the same, and the approval in his eyes as Shelton stood in his stocking feet, his ski pants and tan sweater hugging his body, made his pulses jump. An empty elevator opened behind them and Nevil ushered him towards it. The door hardly closed before Nevil’s sweet mouth was on his and his hands wandered Shelton’s body.

Shelton tore his lips away when the doors suddenly opened on their floor. “Maybe—”

“Don’t think,” Nevil mumbled and pulled him into the hallway and shoved him against the wall. He grunted from the impact, then forgot about the sting in his shoulders when Nevil squeezed his cock through his nylon pants, sending bliss through his body. Nevil’s hot mouth left his lips and burned kisses along his jaw. He lifted his chin and groaned as Nevil slid his tongue down his neck to his collarbone and bit none too gently.

The pain jolted through Shelton’s body and his cock jumped in Nevil’s hand. God, he was on fire! Nevil continued to plunder his mouth as they stumbled their way down the hall. It took Nevil precious seconds to unlock the door to their room and pull Shelton inside. The door slammed and Shelton was pressed back against it, Nevil’s tongue darting in and out of his mouth.

“Not fair,” he managed to gasp as Nevil cupped his balls and outlined his aching shaft through his ski pants. He never lasted long when his darling did that. Nevil’s dark hair had fallen adorably into his eyes and Shelton brushed it aside to catch a wild look in the lovely turquoise depths. He couldn’t explain the sudden fear that shook him. “What is it?”

Nevil frowned and Shelton caressed his stern bottom lip with his thumb. Nevil nipped the tip of it then took Shelton’s hand and drew him to the couch. His concern grew as Nevil kept a tight hold on his hands.

“We’ve started a major project at work, renovating the downtown shopping area,” Nevil began, not meeting Shelton’s eyes. “It’s a fantastic contract, but it also means I won’t be able to come back for another month. Maybe not even until after Valentines Day.”

Shelton’s heart dropped to the floor. Every regret he had about his promotion and move to Denver rose up to suffocate him. Before he could speak, though, Nevil put his forehead against his. “Don’t look like that, love. I promise you, right now, that this is the last time I’m leaving you. Even if I have to quit the firm and clean houses rather than build them, I’m going to find a way to live full time with you again. I hate these weeks apart—”

Shelton stopped his rush of words with his lips. He’d made a few promises to himself about his future at the bank. And there was no way in hell he was going to let Nevil leave the job he loved and excelled in.

He drew back enough to meet Nevil’s burning gaze, then with a sudden movement straddled him. Twining his fingers behind Nevil’s neck, he rocked forward, grinding their cocks together. “We’ll work it out. But right now, darling, I think we should start the New Year by you fucking me into delirium.”

The worry left Nevil’s eyes and a slow, impish smile lifted his perfect lips. “Anything you say, love.”

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