Hop Against Homophobia, Biphobia, and Transphobia #HAHABT

HAHABT 2015IDAHO_LogoWelcome to the HAHABT!

Created to spread awareness of homophobia, biphobia and transphobia, and to stand together as a writer community against discrimination!


There are a lot of challenges facing our community these days, and one of the more tragic ones, to me, is the homelessness of our youth.

Between 40 to 50 percent of our youth at any given time identify as LGBT, and unfortunately that is the reason a lot of them are facing homelessness. Their families don’t accept it and they don’t feel they have a home in their community.

But there are so many ways we can help, by the donation of our time and talents, being involved in our local communities, and by spreading awareness through Hops like this one.

PRIZE TIME! Towards that end, I’d like to donate $25 in your name to the charity of your choice, and also, since we all love books, a $10 ARe Books Gift Card for you to keep. Simply comment with your name and contact information for the chance to be my winner, chosen by Random.org

Thanks so much for joining us! Please continue the hop HERE!


Nobody deserves to be without a home. In collaboration with several authors, Less Than Three Press offers up an anthology of stories about young people who find that home and family are not always where you expect to find them.

All proceeds from this charity anthology will be donated to Project Fierce Chicago.

Project Fierce Chicago’s mission is to reduce LGBTQ youth homelessness in Chicago by providing affirming, no-cost transitional housing and comprehensive support services to homeless LGBTQ young adults. PFC also aims to encourage community-building and civic engagement through cooperative living and youth leadership development.

Sammy: My story in the Project Fierce Anthology

At fifteen, Sam inadvertently comes out to his parents, but instead of the support he hopes for, they send him to live with his uncle. Unfortunately, the man is even less tolerant of his uniqueness. Rather than change to please his family, feeling unwanted and misunderstood, he runs away to find a better life.

But the crowded city isn’t kind to a young man with no home and no prospects of work. When this story opens, Sam has been on the streets for several years when one of his ‘regulars’ begins to take more than a business interest in him. For the first time Sammy dreams of more than a bleak lonely future, but does he dare hope that someone like him could find their happily ever after?


“Sammy, your Suit’s here again.”

Sam frowned at the chip in a fingernail. He could nibble off the rough edge, but that would smear his lip gloss, Pink Persuasion, his favorite. He glanced up through his thick lashes. Sure enough, John leaned against a lamppost pretending he hadn’t been staring. This could be fun.

Climbing from his perch on the picnic bench, he winked at Tad and the others and shook out the white skirt of his sundress. The sun was lowering behind them and John could probably see right through the filmy material, maybe catch a tantalizing glimpse of his turquoise bikini underwear. He stretched leisurely, arching his back, the sheer tank top exposing his nipples more than it covered them. He darted a look at the man again. Oh yes, definitely staring. John pushed off from the pole and took a step toward him, and his heart gave a funny lurch. He was certainly attractive, wavy brown hair falling to his chin, large brown eyes.

“Got a minute, Sammy?”

A smile lifted the corners of Sam’s full mouth. John was gentler than some of the others he could name. “Yeah, honey, I got time.” He raised his brows, looking towards the nearby public restrooms, but John shook his head, gaze flicking to the Morrison Bridge over head, the steady stream of cars crossing the river adding to the traffic noise on Naito Parkway behind them. Excellent. Sam knew justmthe spot.

Lacing fingers with John, Sam gave a playful tug and saw a slight blush rise in his face as they strolled along the bike path under the bridge. Cute. The Rhododendron grew thicker there and Sam pushed between two of them.

Hidden from view, he planted his back to the cement retaining wall, pulling John up against him. Brown eyes bore into his, the gleam of excitement unmistakable. But business first. Confusion touched the man’s face when Sam didn’t move, then his eyes widened.

“Oh shit! Sorry.” John dug in his pocket and handed over a few folded bills. Sam sighed. Only a head job. He’d been hoping for enough to get a room that night he didn’t have to share. John had been using him for the last couple of months and he’d even been to John’s apartment a few times. After letting Tad know where he was going, of course. But it looked like this time John just wanted to get off. Must be in a hurry. Crap.

Slipping the money into a pocket of his skirt, he made a show of rimming his lips with his tongue and hid his smirk when John’s eyes darkened with hunger. Men were so easy. Bat his mascaraed lashes, flash a flirty smile, and they were putty. Sam leaned forward and nibbled John’s lean jaw. “Ready, baby?”

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It’s #snippetsunday!

snippetsunday2Welcome to Snippet Sunday! It’s the weekly event when authors post 8 to 10 lines of things they are writing, editing, querying, or for which they’re obsessively checking sales figures! You can find the other snippets HERE.

This week I’m continuing with my fantasy novel. Kavi feels better but the company is growing restless.

*  *  *  *

Without thought he lurched forward and seized Kavi’s mocking lips in a hard kiss. “We’re not done here,” he muttered. There was unfinished business between them.

A flame smoldered in Kavi’s dark eyes. “I concur,” he murmured, running his tongue slowly over his bottom lip as if savoring Nathan’s taste.

Heart pounding, Nathan rose to his feet as the camp stirred, and went to see if the Magus needed anything. They packed in short order, deciding to eat from their provisions as they traveled. It was a three day journey to Nagal and the Magus seemed restless to be off. Bryon took the prisoner in front of him on his horse, Landlan quiet and docile, not fooling anyone.


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NO H8 Campaign!

no h8

Me and my lovely daughter!

MISSION STATEMENT: The NOH8 Campaign is a charitable organization whose mission is to promote marriage, gender and human equality through education, advocacy, social media, and visual protest.

On November 4, 2008 Proposition 8 passed in California, amending the state Constitution to ban same-sex marriage. The defeat provoked a groundswell of initiative within the GLBT community at a grassroots level, with many new political and protest organizations being formed in response.

The NOH8 Campaign is a photographic silent protestcreated by celebrity photographer Adam Bouska(http://www.bouska.net) and partner Jeff Parshley in direct response to the passage of Proposition 8. Photos feature subjects with duct tape over their mouths, symbolizing their voices being silenced by Prop 8 and similar legislation around the world, with “NOH8” painted on one cheek in protest.

Five years since its inception, the NOH8 Campaign has grown to nearly 33,000 faces and continues to grow at an exponential rate. The campaign began with portraits of everyday Californians from all walks of life and soon rose to include politicians, military personnel, newlyweds, law enforcement, artists, celebrities, and many more.

While inspired by the passage of Prop 8, the scope of the NOH8 Campaign has grown to stand against discrimination and bullying of all kinds. The message of ‘No Hate’ can be interpreted and applied broadly, and speaks to each person in their own way.

NO H8 Campaign

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Slaying Isidore’s Dragons- deleted scene!!



Follow Slaying Isidore’s Dragons’ Book Tour!

In the original version of the book, Isidore had a sister. Cody Kennedy talks about her removal from the book in his post today. This omitted scene is when Isidore learns about Marie (he didn’t know he had a sister).

“Thank you for your willingness to hear us out, Madam Ambassador de Quirke,” Detective Bowman said formally.

“Listening costs nothing. Agreeing is another matter,” she said with a strained smile.

Declan saw dark circles under her usually bright eyes and her skin was paler than usual. You know what they’re going to ask you, don’t you, Mum? Of course you do.

“Let’s hear it,” Sorcha said as lightly as her exhaustion would allow.

Detective Bowman cleared his throat and began. “As you know, Bobby has isolated a person of interest in our cases. I say cases because this person appears in multiple photographs involving Declan, Isidore, Mason, Ethan and Caleb and Caleb has been able to identify this person as the man in the tree house. Isidore also asked us to look into Comtesse François’s other children. We did and we found her to have five other children, four boys and one girl. We located three of the sons at a chateau in northern France. According to U.S. immigration records, the fourth son entered the U.S. approximately six months ago. We have no location on him. The daughter, who is mentally challenged, has lived in a very upscale home for girls in London for the past twenty years. Interestingly, she left that home approximately six months ago and no one knows where she is.” Detective Bowman gestured to Jack. “Mr. Sutton, why don’t you continue?”

“Isidore, you asked us to check into the financial affairs of your father under the auspice that it would lead us to certain elements of his behavior. We are in the process of doing so but our investigation is far from complete. Your father has a number of personal and business dealings throughout the world and it is understood that his affairs are complex. During investigations such as these, we often learn things by what is missing from the records. One of the things we found missing was evidence of support for the daughter’s care.”

“My father is her father? I have a sister?”


Everyone sat in silence as Isidore sat dumbfounded. Declan watched Isidore intently, uncertain how he would react. “Are you okay, mo chroí?”

Isidore nodded slowly. “Please continue, Attaché Sutton.”

Jack leaned forward. “We then turned to Comtesse François’s records and found that she did not fund the daughter’s care either. We then went to the home itself and were surprised to learn that the young lady, whose name is Marie, was cared for and supported by your mother.”

“My mother?” Isidore asked, aghast.

“According to the headmistress of the home, Comtesse François wanted nothing to do with the girl from the time she was diagnosed as mentally deficient. Your mother took Marie as her own and raised her for the first five years of her life until such time as your father insisted she be removed from your home because your mother was expecting your birth.”

Isidore’s eyes went wide and he covered his gaping mouth with a hand.

*  * * *

It is my privilege and great delight to be one of the stops on the tour for Cody Kennedy’s wonderful book, Slaying Isidore’s Dragons. My print copy is on its way! Looking forward to when I can sit down and savor every beautiful phrase and vivid imagery this author does so well. Cody Kennedy not only tells a wonderful story, he pulls us right in, engages all our senses until our heart is bursting with pain and joy, eyes brimming with tears of anguish and happiness. And then the quivering breath at the end, the story finished, leaving our soul filled with hope. Cody’s books are always haunting, with characters who take us on a journey of pain and love, hope and healing. Can’t wait to start on this one!

About Slaying Isidore’s Dragons


SlayingIsidoresDragons-Book-Tour-400x6005 Best friends
4 Vicious brothers
3 STD tests
2 Guys in love
1 Car bombing
Nowhere to run

Follow the burgeoning love of two teens during the worst year of their lives. Irish-born Declan David de Quirke II is the son of two ambassadors, one Irish and one American. He is ‘out’ to his parents but to no one else. French-born Jean Isidore de Sauveterre is also the son of two ambassadors, one Catalan and one Parisian. His four half brothers have been told to cure him of his homosexuality. Both teens have lost a parent in a London car bombing.


5 Weeks of hell
4 Attempts on their lives

3 Law enforcement agencies
2 Dead high school seniors
1 Jealous friend
A love that won’t be denied


SlayingIsidoresDragons-Book-Tour-ReleaseDate-ImageDeclan and Isidore meet at the beginning of their senior year at a private academy in the United States. Declan is immediately smitten with Isidore and becomes his knight in shining armor. Isidore wants to keep what is left of his sanity and needs Declan’s love to do it. One is beaten, one is drugged, one is nearly raped, one has been raped. They are harassed by professors and police, and have fights at school, but none of it compares to running for their lives. When the headmaster’s popular son attempts suicide and someone tries to assassinate Declan’s mother, they are thrown headlong into chaos, betrayal, conspiracy, allegations of sexual coercion, even murder. And one of them carries a secret that may get them killed.


5 New family members

4 BFF’s
3 Countries
2 Extraordinary Psychologists
1 Courageous Mother

A new beginning for two young men in love

Read Chapter One of Slaying Isidore’s Dragons


Slaying-Isidores-Dragons-Book-Tour-Reese-Dante-small_banner468x60v2Cover and Artwork by Reese Dante


Now available in print and ebook at Dreamspinner/Harmony Ink Press
Amazon   Barnes & Noble   OmniLit/ARe

Ingram Books for Libraries and Schools

About Cody Kennedy


Raised on the mean streets and back lots of Hollywood by a Yoda-look-alike grandfather, Cody doesn’t conform, doesn’t fit in, is epic awkward, and lives to perfect a deep-seated oppositional defiance disorder. In a constant state of fascination with the trivial, Cody contemplates such weighty questions as If time and space are curved, then where do all the straight people come from? When not writing, Cody can be found taming waves on western shores, pondering the nutritional value of sunsets, appreciating the much maligned dandelion, unhooking guide ropes from stanchions, and marveling at all things ordinary.


Stop by Cody’s Blog with questions or comments, or simply share what’s on your mind.

Find Cody on Facebook, Twitter @CodyKAuthor, Pinterest, Tumblr, Google+,

Ello, Goodreads

faeries2Read Cody’s free serial story, Fairy

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Time for Lightning Quick Reads!

marcel21Hey! It’s my turn again with the Lightning Quick Reads.  LQR is a multi-author, themed, short story blog. What it means is, as a reader, you can expect each participating author to post one short story per month, which is somehow related to the theme of the month. The theme for April is New Growth. Here’s mine!


“Stop fussing.”

“It itches.”

With an exasperated breath, Maxim stepped closer and straightened Camron’s collar. Camron gripped his chin, forcing the man to meet his gaze. The beautiful half of Maxim’s face flushed at his stare.

“It’s you the prince should be honoring,” Camron said with heat.

Maxim’s laugh was painful. “I’d frighten the children.”

Continue HERE!

Artwork by One Good Eye Photography

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It’s #snippetsunday!

snippetsunday2Welcome to Snippet Sunday! It’s the weekly event when authors post 8 to 10 lines of things they are writing, editing, querying, or for which they’re obsessively checking sales figures! You can find the other snippets HERE.

This week I’m continuing with my fantasy WIP. Kavi is beginning to feel better after his imprisonment.

*  *  *  *

“Good morning.” Kavi sounded tired.

Nathan searched his face. Exhaustion and pain were evident yet his eyes were clear. “You look better today. How are you feeling?” he asked gently.

“I’m well. The Magus took the horror from me…” Kavi’s voice trailed off as the water boiled over its pot. They watched it a moment, then Kavi laughed, easing the tension between them. “Making tea, Nattie?” he asked, arching a brow. “Remember the time you let the water boil over until it put the fire out?”

“That happened one time, and it was your fault for distracting me.”

Nathan bit his lip but Kavi only laughed merrily. “You’re the one who kissed me, remember.”

“Well, you are a nice diversion,” Nathan pointed out and used a stick to remove the hot pot from the stones.

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It’s #snippetsunday!


Welcome to Snippet Sunday! It’s the weekly event when authors post 8 to 10 lines of things they are writing, editing, querying, or for which they’re obsessively checking sales figures! You can find the other snippets HERE.

This week I’m continuing with my fantasy WIP. Nathan recalls the first time he meets Kavi.

*  *  *  *

“I’m Kavi. Thank you for opening your home to a stranger,” he said, holding out his hand. Nathan blinked, losing his voice in a tide of yearning. He’d never seen a Karthagan before. Kavi was breathtaking, slim, strong. Black hair fell like silk to his shoulders. Dark gems for eyes, intelligent, kind. Nathan’s lonely heart reached for him, wanting the man for his own.

The Magus’s soft laugh recalled him and he stammered through his greetings, blood rushing at the strength in Kavi’s slim fingers. His heart pounded. Nathan felt awkward, callow, embarrassed by his poverty. He wished they hadn’t come. His solitary life had left him ill equipped for the longing that swept him. Kavi’s full lips lifted in a knowing smile and Nathan dropped his gaze, mortified by emotions he didn’t know how to control.

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DSC01768So excited to be starting my new psychological thriller, working title, BIRTHDAY PRESENTS. This story has been sitting on the back burner for awhile now and it’s time to bring it to life. Here’s a peek at the first, very rough couple of pages.

*  *  *

Tegan swayed to the music as he combed his hair, an old Rob Zombie album. The static added to the nostalgia. He put the comb down and ran slim hands over his lean, muscled chest and flat stomach. Pert nipples ached to be touched. A secret smile slid over his black-painted lips as he cupped the bulge in his tight jeans. What boy could resist this?

He pulled a black T-shirt over his head and searched the dark eyes in the mirror, pursed his lips. Gloss? Definitely. He knew a certain bouncer at the club was susceptible to cherry kiss. Well, that and Tegan’s mouth on his dick.

At a thump on the wall a frown marred his perfect features. Kyle knew better than to disturb him when he was dressing. His face softened. Kyle. His little gem. How long had they been together? Six months?

His eyes widened in the mirror. That would make Kyle twenty. He’d forgotten they shared a birthday.

With a last glance in the mirror, he left the room and crossed the hall, tapped on Kyle’s door before entering. The young man lay in the middle of the bed, naked skin decadent against the red silk sheets. Cyrus smiled, indulgent. His darling looked lonely.


“Did you need me, sweetheart?” he asked as he lay down and gathered Kyle’s body in his arms. The boy’s skin felt dry, soft; tight over a sparse skeleton. Cyrus could break his bones if he held too tightly.


Kyle’s enormous blue eyes swam with tears, bright with desperation. So lovely. “You’re leaving again?” he whispered, timid.


“We’ve discussed this. I always go out on my Birthday.”

“But if something happens to you…”

“I suppose you’ll die of starvation. No, thirst.” Tegan laughed at the shudder that swept the emaciated body. “Nothing will happen to me. Promise.”

Tegan picked up Kyle’s shackled hand with its long chain bolted to the floor and kissed the palm. He stroked Kyle’s limp cock and watched with satisfaction as it thickened under his touch. “Would you like me to fuck you tonight?”

Kyle nodded, despair in his eyes. Tegan kissed his sweet lips, his heart moved. Kyle had been a wild thing their first months together. He regretted the scars he’d had to put on the pale flesh before Kyle had broken.

Artwork by Autumn Stevens

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It’s #snippetsunday!

Hello! Welcomsnippetsunday2e to Snippet Sunday! It’s the weekly event when authors post 8 to 10 lines of things they are writing, editing, querying, or for which they’re obsessively checking sales figures! You can find the other snippets HERE.

This week I’m continuing with my fantasy WIP. In this scene, Kavi is rescued, but is it too late…

* * * *

Taking a knee, he reached in the semi-darkness for Kavi and touched an exposed bone. Gods! He jerked his hand away with a cry of disbelief. How many more victims were down there? With great effort he shut his mind to the horror of it, pulling Kavi’s limp body into his arms. Grief swept him and he pressed kisses to his cold face. “I’m here now,” he said brokenly. “I’m so sorry.”

He secured the rope around Kavi’s slim waist and tugged, and the men above lifted him with care. Nathan scrambled to follow when the rope was lowered back to him. Kavi looked ashen in the sunlight and Nathan knelt beside him, touching his face. “Wake up, darling,” he whispered. He could hear the struggle Kavi had with each shallow breath he drew. His spirit seemed to be far away on some journey of its own.

He looked up at the Magus hovering over them. “Can you help him?”


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It’s #snippetsunday!

snippetsunday2Hello! Welcome to Snippet Sunday! It’s the weekly event when authors post 8 to 10 lines of things they are writing, editing, querying, or for which they’re obsessively checking sales figures! You can find the other snippets HERE.

This week I’m continuing with my fantasy WIP. Kavi finds himself still a prisoner, and things go from bad to worse…


Jumping at the harsh sound of metal over rock, he watched with blurry eyes as Landlan dragged a large grate from an opening in the ground behind the prison.

“Come, my dear.” Landlan helped him to his feet and hauled him towards the hole. Kavi felt sick and confused, not sure what was happening. Not until he stood at the edge of the pit did he understand, and he drew back in horror.

“No you don’t.” Landlan grabbed his shoulders. “Goodbye my sweet,” he whispered in Kavi’s ear and gave a quick shove. Kavi screamed as he went over the edge and dropped quickly, only to have the breath driven from his body as he struck the hard dirt at the bottom. He rolled onto his back with a groan and stared at the circle of sky that slowly disappeared as the iron lid slid into place. Once again blackness surrounded him, and something else, smooth and hard, with bits of cloth attached. And the stench…


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