Thursday Tasters

thurWelcome to the Thursday Tasters. Here you will find links to delicious snippets of stories written by some wonderful authors. Find the other tasters HERE!

Thought I’d start a different book today. Here’s the beginning to my zombie story THE DARK BOKOR that came out last October. Enjoy!

*  *  *  *
TheDarkBokar453“Don’t move.”

Jesse froze, heart pounding in the semidarkness, as an arm like a steel band clamped around his chest, holding him immobile against a hard body. A warm exhale fanned his neck, sending a not-unpleasant shiver through him. The man drew in a breath, nose nuzzled at his nape, and heat pooled instantly in Jesse’s gut. Shit. Had it really been that long since he’d been in someone’s arms?

The cold voice in his ear thawed with a slight laugh. “At least you don’t smell like them. That’s something.”

Jesse’s pulse leaped, and his gaze darted around the small office, searching the shadows.”Are they here?”

“No.” A hand tangled in his shirt, jerked him around to face his captor. “But I know your voice. Just who the fuck are you?”

Jesse blinked at the dark gaze raking over his face. He couldn’t see much in the faint light seeping through the closed window blinds. The man had strong features, classically handsome, with a twist of humor to the full lips that had Jesse moistening his own, though he’d have to stand on tiptoe to reach them.

The man swore under his breath and hauled Jesse toward the windows. “Can’t see a thing…”

The blinds went up, and Jesse winced as yellow streetlight flooded the room and stung his eyes. He would have laughed at the man’s yelp of surprise if disgust hadn’t immediately swept the attractive face. “Jesse Dalembert? What the bloody hell… Who sent you?” Matt held up a hand. “Wait, don’t tell me. If you’re here, it must have been Andre Marques. Where’s he keeping his skinny ass these days?”

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A to Z Challenge!

Welcome to the A to Z Challenge! Today’s letter is O…

Legendary Creatures

by GimaldinovAn ogre (feminine ogress) is a being usually depicted as a large, hideous, manlike monster that eats human beings. Ogres frequently feature in mythology, folklore, and fiction throughout the world. They appear in many classic works of literature, and are most often described in fairy tales and folklore as eating babies.

In visual art, ogres are often depicted as inhumanly large and tall and having a disproportionately large head, abundant hair, unusually colored skin, a voracious appetite, and a strong body. Ogres are closely linked with giants and with human cannibals in mythology. In both folklore and fiction, giants are often given ogrish traits (such as the giants in “Jack and the Beanstalk” and “Jack the Giant Killer”, the Giant Despair in The Pilgrim’s Progress, and the jötnar of Norse mythology); while ogres may be given giantish traits.

Famous examples of ogres in folklore include the ogre in “Puss in Boots” and the ogre in “Hop-o’-My-Thumb”; and in fiction, Shrek and Fiona from Shrek. Other characters sometimes described as ogres include the title character from “Bluebeard”, the Beast from “Beauty and the Beast”, Grendel from “Beowulf”, Polyphemus the Cyclops from Homer’s Odyssey, the cyclops in “Sinbad the Sailor”, and the oni of Japanese folklore.

pic by Gimaldinov
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A to Z Challenge!

Welcome to the A to Z Challenge! Today’s letter is N…

Legendary Creatures

Nang Ta-khianNang Ta-khian is a female spirit of the folklore of Thailand. It manifests itself as a woman that haunts Hopea odorata trees. These are very large trees known as Ta-khian in Thai, hence her name.

The Nang Ta-khian belong to a type of spirits or fairies related to trees and known generically in Thai folklore as Nang Mai (“Lady of the Tree”). Legends in the Thai oral tradition say the spirit inhabits a Ta-khian tree and sometimes appears as a beautiful young woman wearing traditional Thai attire. It is generally a sylvan spirit, for the Ta-khian is a tall forest tree not naturally found near inhabited areas. As it has a large trunk and a wide-spreading root system, it is not planted close to homesteads.

In some parts of Thailand, the spirit has become a popular tree deity. Miracles are attributed to her power and trunks where lengths of colored silk are tied as an offering are an object of pilgrimage.

The tree is almost never felled for lumber, since the spirit will be furious and follow the wood. About the only place Ta-khian is used as lumber is in a Buddhist monastery, where the merit of the monks is considered sufficient to render the spirit harmless.

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A to Z Challenge

Welcome to the A to Z Challenge! Today’s letter is M…

Legendary Creatures

GhoulsMoroi are often associated with other figures in Romanian folklore, such as strigoi (another type of vampire), vârcolac (werewolf), or pricolici (werewolf). Moroi are also known as mortal vampires, whereas strigoi are immortal vampires.

They are also sometimes referred to in modern myth as the live-born offspring of two strigoi. It may signify an infant who died before being baptized. The origins of the term “moroi” are unclear, but it is thought by the Romanian Academy to have possibly originated from the Old Slavonic word mora (“nightmare”). It also resembles the word mort (dead).

Moroi can also be forms of demons which possess a living body, usually the body of a bear. Moroi can be put under the control of a strigoi.

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A to Z Challenge!

Welcome to the A to Z Challenge! Today’s letter is L…

Legendary Creatures

LakheyLākhey is a demon in Nepalese folklore. He is depicted with a ferocious face, protruding fangs and mane of red or black hair. Lakhes figure prominently in traditional Newar culture of Nepal Mandala. The Lakhe tradition is found in the Kathmandu Valley and other Newar settlements throughout Nepal.

Lakhes are said to be demons who used to live in the forests and later became protectors to the townspeople. A female Lakhe is known as Lasin.

The other common legendary being in Nepalese folklore is the Khyāh, who is depicted as a fat, hairy ape-like creature.

Lakhe Dance is one of most popular dance of nepal. Performers wearing a Lakhe costume and mask perform dances on the streets and city squares during festivals. The mask is made of papier-mâché and yak tails are used for the hair. The Lakhe dance is characterised by wild movements and thumping music.

The most famous Lakhe is Majipa Lakhey of Kathmandu who appears during the Yenya (Indra Jatra) festival in September. He is worshipped as a deity. City dwellers offer food and ritual items to him as he moves through the city accompanied by his musical band giving dance performances.

The Lakhe stops at major crossroads and market squares to give a performance. During the dance, a small boy known as Jhyalincha taunts the Lakhe making him chase him in anger. Jhyalincha always manages to slip into the crowd and escape.

Gunla Lakhe comes out during Gunla, the 10th month in the Nepal Sambat calendar which corresponds to August.

There are other Lakhes with particular characteristics. These mythical beings are said to reside in various parts of the city.

Michyāh Lākhe (meaning “fire burning demon” in Nepal Bhasa) is a spirit who is said to cause fire by spontaneous combustion wherever it resides. People possessed by Michyāh Lakhe are also believed to cause fire.

Minpu Lākhe also causes fire.

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Weekend Writing Warriors! #8Sunday

wewriwa_square_2Welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors where we share an
8 sentence snippet of our writing. You can find other great snippets HERE!

Hello! This week I’d like to share another paragraph to my psychological thriller THE SHED. Here is a glimpse of one of Alex’s visions.

*  *  *  *

He wanted to be back in bed, wrapped in Jane’s safe embrace, not here where he had to look into a grave of ghosts.

“God help me,” he murmured and opened his eyes. Fear strangled his throat. He couldn’t cry out. Could hardly breathe. A child’s face floated in darkness, deathly pale, its eyes huge wells of sorrow. Hair black as raven wings fluttered against white cheeks. Bloodless lips opened and the whisper of a voice floated up to him. “Run.”

*  *  *  *


As a Certified Mental Health Therapist, Scott Reid has his share of interesting experiences, though nothing compares with the time he spends with the psychic, Alex Elson. Plagued by terrifying images and dreams, Alex turns to Doctor Reid in the hopes of learning to control his visions. Instead, Scott is pulled into Alex’s world, where dreams and reality mix and nightmares are real.

Two young men, brothers, have been abducted from the lake outside of Oakton without a trace of who took them. That is, until Alex receives a silver pocket watch in the mail belonging to the elder brother, a taunt from the kidnapper for Alex to come find them. Alex’s visions turn at once into nightmares. Images flash in his mind of an abandoned well and a terrified, lonely boy slowly dying at the bottom. The shed looms close by, holding a horrifying secret, a dark place Alex’s frightened mind refuses to go.

With the help of Scott Reid, Alex endeavors to control his visions and find the brutalized victims before death claims them. But the watch is ticking away and time’s running out.

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A to Z Challenge

Welcome to the A to Z Challenge! Today’s letter is K…

Legendary Creatures

GoblinsThe Kallikantzaroi are creatures of the night. There were many ways people could protect themselves during the days when the Kallikantzaroi were loose. They could leave a colander on their doorstep to trick the visiting Kallikantzaros. Since he could not count above 2 (3 is a holy number and by pronouncing it he would kill himself,) the Kalikantzaros would sit at the doorstep counting, 1, 2… 1, 2… each hole of the colander, all night, until the sun rose and he was forced to hide. Another method of protection was to leave the fire burning in the fireplace, all night, so that they cannot enter through there. In some areas, they would burn the Yule log, a large piece of wood, for the duration of the twelve days. And in other areas, people would throw smelly shoes in the fire, the stink repulsing the Kallikantzaroi and forcing them to stay away. Yet other ways to keep them away were to mark the door with a black cross on Christmas Eve and burn incense.

Legend has it that any child born during the twelve days of Christmas was in danger of transforming to a Kallikantzaros for each Christmas season, starting with adulthood. The antidote: Binding the baby in tresses of garlic or straw, or singeing the child’s toenails. In another legend, anyone born on a Saturday can see and talk with the Kallikantzaroi.

One particularity that sets the Kallikantzaroi apart from all other goblins/creatures of the Underworld is that they appear on Earth for only twelve days out of the whole year. Their short duration on earth, as well as the fact that they were not considered purely malevolent creatures but rather impish and stupid, have led to a number of theories about their creation. One such theory connects them to the masquerades of the ancient Roman winter festivals of Bacchus and later of Dionysos, in Athens, Greece. During the drunken, orgiastic parts of the festivals, maskers, hidden under costumes in bestial shapes, yet still appearing humanoid, may have made an exceptional impression on the minds of simple folk who were intoxicated.

In Greek, Kallikantzaros is also used for every short, ugly and usually mischievous being. If not used for the abovementioned creatures, it seems to express the collective sense for the Irish word leprechaun and the English words gnome and goblin.

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A to Z Challenge

Welcome to the A to Z Challenge! Today’s letter is J…

Legendary Creatures

spriteJievaras is one of the little people or household spirit from Lithuania. This amiable chap helps farmers protect their grain. Normally people would make small sacrifices to Jievaras (usually made after the rye harvest). While cutting grain, women would leave a few grain tufts uncut, which would later be braided into plaits. They would also leave some bread and salt under the plait, and would say: Davei manei, Zemele, duodame ir tau

“You gave for us, Mother Earth, we are giving for you too”
(A request for the land to continue to be fruitful).

Jievaras is one of the little people or household spirit from Lithuania. This amiable chap helps farmers protect their grain. Normally people would make small sacrifices to Jievaras (usually made after the rye harvest). While cutting grain, women would leave a few grain tufts uncut, which would later be braided into plaits. They would also leave some bread and salt under the plait, and would say: Davei manei, Zemele, duodame ir tau

“You gave for us, Mother Earth, we are giving for you too”

(A request for the land to continue to be fruitful).

- See more at:

Jievaras is one of the little people or household spirit from Lithuania. This amiable chap helps farmers protect their grain. Normally people would make small sacrifices to Jievaras (usually made after the rye harvest). While cutting grain, women would leave a few grain tufts uncut, which would later be braided into plaits. They would also leave some bread and salt under the plait, and would say: Davei manei, Zemele, duodame ir tau

“You gave for us, Mother Earth, we are giving for you too”

(A request for the land to continue to be fruitful).

- See more at:

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Spring Fling Blog Hop!

Spring Fling Blog Hop BannerWelcome to our fabulous Manlove Event! Add your name to the Rafflecopter at Hennessee Andrews blog for a chance to win a $5o Amazon Gift Card.

I’ve been writing pretty straightforward m/m erotic romance for a couple of years now. But this year I’ve gotten braver, dipped my toes into that oh so yummy genre, the threesome! Strictly men, mind you. I’ve tried writing with female love interests, but somehow it always breaks down into a drama fest. With men I can just toss them in bed and let them tangle up the relationship and clean up the sticky mess afterwards.

Yes, I said sticky! Let’s face it; men are messy in the throes of passion. Muscles bunch, sweat drips. Bodies mesh together, hands and tongues everywhere, sweat and spit, lube and semen. Shivers. M/M romance is so hot!

So what made me decide to do an m/m/m story? My guys just kind of fell into it. I was writing a story for the Breathless Press ‘Down on the Farm’ anthology, which takes place in the moors of Scotland. My gorgeous redheaded hero, Callum, has left home for the first time seeking work. As fate would have it, he’s lured onto the moors by the will-o-the-wisp and falls into enchantment, and straight into the arms of a licentious Barrow-Weight.

Mmm… Callum is deliciously seduced by the weight’s talented fingers and stroking hands and a tongue that can reach Callum’s most pleasurable places. Poor boy didn’t stand a chance! And this is when the Gruagach stumbles on them. He’s the faery sent by the people on the farm to rescue Callum and bring him to safety. But seeing them twined together in passionate embrace, Liam isn’t sure the lad needs saving. In fact, Callum’s moans of pleasure and lust ramp up his own—um—intimate bits.

And seeing the lad’s sweet tush wiggling in the air… Liam shrugs. What’s a faery supposed to do but fill a need?

This was the fun part! Like a jigsaw puzzle I fit my men together, a hand here, a part slipped in there, a mouth down… You get the picture! And of course I had to get them together more than once over the course of the story. Callum wanted new experiences with his lovers. What else could I do?

So, will I write another story involving a threesome? I can’t say. I write the stories as they come to me. But I’m certainly not opposed to it. I had fun writing this one and would like to give it a try in a modern setting. Maybe I’ll propose it to my characters in my current WIP and see what they say…

Prize Time! Comment below for a chance to win an e-copy of any book on my backlist. Don’t forget your contact info!

Thanks for stopping in! I’d like to leave you with a sexy little snippet:

Down on the Farm vol 1_200x300CALLUM’S FATE

Amazon   AReBooks
Callum flees the poverty stricken lowlands of Scotland in the hopes of finding work on old Mac’s farm. But there’s something wrong in the forest. Something’s stalking him. He hears the Bean-nighe’s eerie cry. The Bodach has foretold his death. With the help of a grouchy Bodachan Sabhaill and a very sexy Gruagach, Callum resists the dark magic buried in the barrows to the south. But will their help be enough? He came to the farm to find a home, but perhaps he’ll find his last resting place instead.


At least, he thought he dreamed, the weight of Liam’s warm body against his following him into slumber. There was a snuffling sound in the darkness, the smell of damp earth. Callum flexed his hands and dirt moved under his fingers.

Startled, he opened his eyes and gasped at the absolute beauty of the Wight’s face hovering above him. The creature smiled, his wide mouth opening on rows of sharp white teeth. Callum watched, hot lust scorching him as a black tongue, impossibly long, slid out of that lush orifice and circled plump, overripe lips.

The Barrow Wight leaned closer and licked Callum’s lips then dipped inside, tasting and licking. His tongue filled Callum’s mouth, honey sweet, thick and hot. It rubbed across the roof of his mouth, then darted into his throat nearly gagging him. It withdrew, only to plunge in with renewed vigor, back and forth, fucking Callum’s mouth in greedy jabs.

The creature’s hard cock rubbed Callum’s leg and he swooned, dizzy with need. He threw his head back and the thick tongue slipped from his lips. “Please,” he panted, not sure what he begged for. The long tongue scraped down his neck and lapped at his collar bone.

“Juicy bones,” the Wight sighed and dipped its head to nip at Callum’s nipples with sharp teeth. Callum cried out as pain and pleasure warred in his aching body. With terrible slowness the sharp tongue licked down his chest and belly, descending to his suffering cock.

A whimper escaped him as the Wight nibbled on the end of his dick. He lifted his hips but the Wight laughed and licked his hard shaft and circled his balls with the tip of his lascivious tongue. The creature knelt between Callum’s legs and pushed his knees up and apart, laying him open. He bent and teased at Callum’s vulnerable opening with his mouth, sucking, wiggling his tongue between the delicate folds until it breached the muscles and slid home.

Hot, wild pleasure exploded through Callum and a deep groan burst from his throat as the skillful tongue plunged impossibly deep into him. It slithered in widening circles to open him, wet, hot. Thick fingers joined the erotic play, stretched him further, and Callum grunted at the invasion, the pressure nearing pain. The hard tongue found that one exquisite spot inside and Callum tossed his head, mad with pleasure as the creature teased the spot again and again with his thick tongue.

Suddenly tongue and fingers were withdrawn and Callum braced as the Wight’s huge cock lined up and slid with agonizing slowness into his body. Oh god, too tight! He opened his mouth to scream but the creature captured his breath in a devastating kiss. He sobbed into the lush mouth as pain, hot as a knife blade, followed the thick shaft deep inside. When fully sheathed, the creature thrust his hips, pulling slightly out then in, and bliss quickly replaced the pain.

The beautiful Wight licked his tears. “Yes, my lovely one, my sweet.” He rocked Callum in his arms, pushing in, filling him. He clasped Callum to his chest and rolled and it hardly registered with Callum that they were now in the open, under the stars. He buried his face against the creature’s neck as pleasure boiled in him in waves, impaled as he was on the Wight’s immense shaft.

A familiar laugh startled him and he raised his head, dizzy with bliss, on the verge of release. “Liam?”

The man stood with hands on hips grinning down at them. “So this is where you got to.” His eyes glazed slightly as he watched Callum being fucked. “Can I join?”


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A to Z Challenge

Welcome to the A to Z Challenge! Today’s letter is I…

Legendary Creatures

imp_by_sally_jacksonThe Imp, orriginating from Germanic folklore, was a small lesser demon. Imps were often mischievous rather than evil or harmful (demons in Germanic legend were not necessarily evil), and in some regions, they were portrayed as attendants of the gods.

Imps are often shown as small and not very attractive creatures. Their behavior is described as being wild and uncontrollable, much the same as fairies, and in some cultures, they were considered the same beings, both sharing the same sense of free spirit and enjoyment of all things fun. It was later in history that people began to associate fairies with being good and imps with being malicious and evil. However, both creatures were fond of pranks and misleading people. Most of the time, the pranks were harmless fun, but some could be upsetting and harmful, such as switching babies or leading travellers astray in places with which they were not familiar. Though imps are often thought of as being immortal, many cultures believed that they could be damaged or harmed by certain weapons and enchantments, or be kept out of people’s homes by the use of wards.

Imps were often portrayed as lonely little creatures, always in search of human attention. They often used jokes and pranks as a means of attracting human friendship, which often backfired when people became tired or annoyed of the imp’s endeavors, usually driving it away.

Even if the imp was successful in getting the friendship it sought, it often still played pranks and jokes on its friend, either out of boredom or simply because this was the nature of the imp. This trait gave way to using the term “impish” for someone who loves pranks and practical jokes. Being associated with hell and fire, imps take a particular pleasure from playing with temperatures.

To this end, it came to be believed that imps were the familiar spirit servants of witches and warlocks, where the little demons served as spies and informants. During the time of the witch hunts, supernatural creatures such as imps were sought out as proof of witchcraft, though often, the so-called “imp” was typically a black dog, black cat, lizard, toad, or some other form of uncommon pet. [1]

Imps have also been described as being “bound” or contained in some sort of object, such as a sword or crystal ball. In other cases, imps were simply kept in a certain object and summoned only when their masters had need of them. Some even had the ability to grant their owners wishes, much like a genie. This was the object of the 1891 story The Bottle Imp by Robert Louis Stevenson, which told of an imp contained in a bottle that would grant the owner their every wish, the catch being that the owner’s soul would be sent to hell if they didn’t sell the bottle to a new owner before their death. Similarly, the 1962 movie Jack the Giant Killer features a leprechaun, whom the characters occasionally call an imp, locked in a bottle.

Imps can be found in art and architecture throughout the world, often carefully hidden under the eaves of a church or the foot of a ceramic cup, so they can only be found by the most interested and observant of people. They frequently appear in children’s stories (such as Silvia in which she is followed by a black Imp). Imps are also portrayed as servants to those of fey and magical being, such as wizards.

Imp Art by Sally Jackson
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