Shelton in Love


Shelton in Love

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Shelton’s falling quickly for his sexy roommate, but can he forget the pain of past rejections and give Nevil what they’re both aching for?

Shelton is falling hard for his best friend and roommate, finding Nevil’s dark good looks and moments of gentleness almost impossible to resist. But Nevil is more interested in affairs of the body than the heart. As Shelton’s desire for the man grows, he wonders if he can change Nevil’s mind. But does he even want to? Nevil might not stay, once he learns Shelton’s secret, and then his loneliness would be complete.


Shelton chuckled, already stripping out of jacket and shirt as he crossed to the curtained booth. Tera was always in a rush, bursting with more energy than two or three other people combined.

Stepping into the booth, he quickly changed from jeans into the coffee-brown slacks and white dress shirt hanging on the rack. Slip­ping his arms through the ivory-colored vest, he slung the coffee-and-tan tie around his neck and returned to Tera’s side, tucking in the shirt as he went.

Shelton glanced up at a low whistle, feeling the tingle of a blush in his cheeks under Nevil’s appraising eyes. He tried to stifle a surge of excitement that Nevil had come to watch the photo shoot, when he hadn’t seemed interested earlier. Plans must have changed with Percy.

“You dress up nicely,” Nevil assured him as he stepped closer to bat Shelton’s fumbling hands away from the tie. “Let me do that.”

Shelton concentrated on Nevil’s fingers on his tie, urging his heart to stop racing before Nevil felt it pounding under his fingertips or heard its wild patter. Nevil’s breath brushed his cheek and his spicy cologne sent his senses whirling.

Why was the man so damned attractive?

Shelton hardly noticed Tera slipping a jacket on his arms until Nevil commented on it, rubbing the silk and wool material between his fingers. “Nice.”

Shelton glanced at his sleeve and admired the sharkskin pattern of taupe and tan and black checkers. He shrugged his shoulders, de­lighted with the fit and comfort of the sport coat. “A new one?” he asked Tera.

“I’ve had the design finished for months but couldn’t decide if it should go in my summer or fall catalog.”

Nevil finished with the tie and stepped back, looking Shelton up and down. “Definitely summer, though I’d wear a coat like that all year round. Almost any color of slacks would go with it.”

“Or socks,” Shelton muttered, a reminder to himself as Nevil ran his fingers through his hair, sending sparks of desire through his body as the man mussed his curls.

Nevil tilted his head to take in the overall affect. A lazy smile spread on his face while a warm gleam entered his fantastic eyes. “Delicious.” His gaze lingered on Shelton’s shoulders before sliding down to his hips.

Shelton wished the coat was buttoned as he felt a twitch in his groin, his body perking up at the attention. The whirl of the camera in Tera’s hand recalled him from the tantalizing thought of Nevil’s hands on him as well as his gaze, and Shelton moved to stand under the soft light she set up to complement the glow from the setting sun.

He thought he’d feel awkward with Nevil watching as he posed, but instead found the man’s presence exhilarating. Shelton knew he looked his best and Nevil’s admiring attention bolstered his confi­dence. Ignoring the stares of a few passersby, he flirted with the cam­era, losing his inhibition as Tera called encouragements and clicked frame after frame, only calling a halt when the sunlight had gone.

“These are lovely. They’ll fill out the catalog nicely,” she com­mented, tilting the camera to show the men a few of her favorites.

Nevil whistled at one in particular, where Shelton had glanced at the camera through lowered lids, a secret smile playing on his lips. The overhead light brought out the highlights in his chestnut hair and lightened his hazel eyes, complementing the warm colors of his en­semble for an overall attractiveness.

“You’ll need to stockpile this coat, Tera,” Nevil observed, his eyes never leaving Shelton’s. “Every man who sees that picture is going to want one for his own.” His gaze was intense and Shelton colored at the innuendo.

“I’d better change.”

Nevil grabbed his tie as he took a step away, stopping him, his smile widening with Shelton’s exasperated breath. “Can we borrow the suit, Tera? I want to take Shelton out for a drink in it. The boys will love it.”

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  1. Sue says:

    A great scene. I’d love to see the shots she took 😀

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