wintersnippetsunday2Welcome to Snippet Sunday where we each post a bit from our WIPs. You can find the other snippets HERE!

This week continues my Christmas story NICOLAS, where Jamie wakes up with a stranger. Well…sort of…

*  *  *

He flung off the heavy quilts and slid to his feet, clinging to the post at the foot of the bed as a wave of dizziness struck him. Laughter from the other room jolted him. Heart pounding, he bolted for the door and it crashed into the wall as he flung it open. The reddish glow from the banked fire on the hearth lit the main room of the cabin, though the kitchen area remained in shadows.

Jamie’s gaze swept the rooms, focusing on the dark corners.  No one jumped out at him. Nobody sat on the couch. His coffee cup remained undisturbed where he’d left it on the hearth. Of course. The cabin was isolated, miles from the nearest neighbor. Who would bother to come way out there, especially with the threat of another snowstorm on the way?

He ran a trembling hand through his hair, pushing the sweat-drenched bangs from his forehead. Damn, the dream had seemed so real. The cold of the great room finally registered, creeping up from the hardwood flooring. Shaking, he crossed to the fireplace and stirred up the coals, adding another log.


Betrayed by a lover, Jamie rents an isolated cabin on Lake Huron, wanting only to be left alone. Instead, he is pulled from his solitary existence as an artist and tumbles headlong into the legend of Saint Nicolas.

As a young man, Nicolas accidentally killed a man intent on murdering three children, only to have the man’s malicious spirit rise up against him. Fleeing through the centuries from the Krampus, the evil troll-like creature that dogs his steps, Nico finds refuge with the young artist who takes him into his home and bed. But Jamie has questions. Who is Nicolas, and why does the Krampus want to destroy him?

When the Krampus begins to torment and torture anyone Nico comes in contact with to punish him, Jamie’s life is put in danger. And Jamie isn’t sure whether he can help Nico defeat his nemesis or if he’s merely a pawn in the Krampus’s game.

About diannehartsock

Author of paranormal/suspense, fantasy/adventure, m/m romance and anything else that comes to mind. Oh, and a floral designer.
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19 Responses to NICOLAS #SnipSun

  1. Tamara Lush says:

    Very well-written snippet. Your story sounds interesting and I hope to read more!

  2. This is a tense, spooky story from what you’ve shared so far, and the sheer normality of the cabin is anything BUT reassuring. Really well done, great snippet!

  3. P.T. Wyant says:

    Wonderful description of the cabin, his observations, everything!

  4. Karen Michelle Nutt says:

    Great imagery! I felt like I could see the place, feel his apprehension that he wasn’t alone.

  5. Iris B says:

    Great descriptions, and I like the blurb of the story, too.

  6. Great imagery, and scary too. In a good way.

  7. jtsuruoka says:

    You capture all of the hallmarks of disorientation here. It’s easy to be in the character’s head and experience that uncertainty and fear.

  8. It’s sounds like a nice place to be if you want to be alone. Sometimes I’m dreaming of all that snow.

  9. I was wondering who would come to a deserted cabin in the woods myself. Great snippet, nice and scary.

  10. Hmm, someone is playing tricks on him. Love the mysterious and eerie feeling to it. Great descriptions as well!

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