2012 Northwest Author Fair -I’ll be there with ALEX!

The 2012 Northwest Author Fair is set for Saturday, August 25th.

Bob’s Beach Books

1747 NW Hwy 101, Lincoln City, OR

We’ve moved the time up a bit—the signing portion will run from 11am-2pm this year and as always it is FREE! We will begin with an author panel at The Bijou Theatre followed by the signing event at Bob’s Beach Books. 50 authors, including best-sellers, major award-winners, and local favorites will be here, so there’s something for everyone: authors of mysteries, sci-fi, romance, YA fantasy, kid’s books, NW history, and much, much more. We invite everyone to come join in the festivities–what a unique opportunity for all of us here at the beach!

I’ll be there signing copies of ALEX!

If dreams become reality, what of nightmares?

Read an Excerpt Here!


2012 author & artist list (updated weekly):

R J Archer; archaeological sci-fi, be sure to check out the Seeds of Civilization series and say ‘hi’ to him and his lovely wife (undoubtedly our farthest-traveled attending couple).

Patsy Brookshire; will be there with her popular book Threads, and information about when to buy her sequel Scandal at the Willamina Quilt Show.

Marilee Brothers; fantasy romance–really fun, well written books.

E A Channon; “Ballad of a Bagpiper”, if we’re lucky he’ll be here in full Scottish regalia!

Steve Chrisman; humorous biography–and really, can’t we all use some humor?

David Delamare; world-renowned fine artist and illustrator, David will be signing along with Wendy, one of his models and his co-author. David rarely makes public appearances so we are especially grateful he will join us. He is most widely known for his mermaid and fairy fantasy paintings (many of the originals are available for viewing inside the bookstore!).

Carola Dunn; author of dozens of mystery and romance novels, a lovely British expat if ever I met one and an excellent writer to boot.

Shirley Earnhart will bring kid’s book Ludwig the Lift, as well as a book on grief.

Tawna Fenske; fun romance writer; folks who met Tawna last year loved her book so much they came back for more—now that’s a good recommendation!

Ken Fenter; young adult mystery with a history bent, sounds like good fun to me.

Rebecca Harrison; history of NW salvage divers, you have to meet this woman.

Dianne Hartsock; new mystery author–stop and say hello, her book looks great.

Dana Haynes; mystery author–he’ll keep you suspended (mystified?)!

Amalie Rush Hill; fantasy author and one of the nicest people you could meet.

Nina Kiriki Hoffman; we greatly enjoy her adult and YA fantasy books and are so happy she’s joining us again this year!

Gail Hoffnagle; fun Oregon travel guide (with coupons!), written by a fun lady.

Kelly Howard; Kelly works at the Jennifer Sears Glass Art Studio blowing glass and teaching others how to do it, she’s so much fun, we just love her.

Barton Howe; quirky mystery (think Carl Hiaasen in Oregon) author, he may even come dressed as a tiger.

Terry Irish & sister Bobbie Snead; kid’s picture books, they’re great (the people and the books).

Dell Isham; history written by a well known Oregon public servant.

Sara Megan Kay & Amanda Waley; poetry and fiction, lovely on all counts.

Jack Kent; Jack will be bringing his Gulls Comic Strip collections, as seen in Oregon Coast Today, to RAWK your world–they’re excellent!

Ann Littlewood; zoo mysteries!

Ron Lovell; mystery novels set (mostly) on the Oregon coast staring Thomas Martindale, he’ll keep you guessing!

David Lunde; excellent internationally published poetry & sci-fi, he may bring some really interesting OR history, too.

Earli M; fiction, this woman is so talented she even did her own cover.

Phillip Margolin; panelist, NYT bestselling author, suspense & young adult–really, need we say more?

Ami Margolin-Rome; panelist, YA mystery with Phillip Margolin (and his daughter!), highly recommended.

Jeanne Matthews; Australian mysteries, superbly researched and well-written.

Ken McCormick; spiritual bio, very well done—an interesting read.

Patricia McKillip; World Fantasy Award winner, Hugo nominee, the list of achievements goes on. She’s written dozens of fantastic(al) short stories and books, a wonderful author!

Ruth Miller; integrates modern science and ancient wisdom and writes about how we can live a more abundant, satisfying life.

Levi Montgomery; novels, novellas and short stories–he does it all.

Jack & Mollie O Judge will be there, likely with bells on.  Seriously, stop for a chat, you won’t regret it!

Rene Parent; biography and religion, interesting books.

Carolyn Parker; “Squeaky’s Farm” a memoir/travel journal, quite a lot of fun.

Kristine Kathryn Rusch; panelist, bestselling multi-genre author, we very highly recommend her blog to both readers and writers–seriously, go read it!

Arlene Sachitano; author of quilting mysteries & annual favorite—she may even be giving away free quilting patterns.

Leah Shrifter; fantasy author–haven’t read it yet, but really looking forward to it.

Sheila Simonson; mysteries featuring a Native sheriff, history woven into her captivating stories.

Dean Wesley Smith; panelist, multi-genre bestselling author and publisher. What can you say about Dean–he does it all, and then some. He also has a must-read blog about the business of writing–truly, take a look, it’s quite informative.

Therese Ambrosi Smith; “Wax”, a historical novel inspired by the lives of actual “Rosies”, don’t miss her.

Kai Strand; kid’s fiction called “The Weaver” (and it’s got gnomes!)

Lee Williams; she’s written quite an adventurous biography.

George Wright; NW historical fiction, he definitely has something for everyone.

Christina York AKA Christy Evans/Fifield; cozy mysteries & sci-fi, great fun.

Steven York; contributor to epic series such as Star Trek, Generation-X and more!

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    That’s gonna be some get-together. 🙂

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